Dinner in Dubai: Point & Eat, Barracuda Seafood Restaurant

A few nights ago, Lara took me to Barracuda – a popular fish restaurant in Jumeirah 3, Dubai. It is owned by an Egyptian and is established on the concept of ‘selecting’ your own seafood.

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It reminds me very much of selecting catfish in some Nigerian restaurants, popularly known as Point & Kill. Except in this case, the fish (and other seafood) is all fresh but dead, and sitting on ice.

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Here is how it works:

You select your seafood, it gets weighed and then ‘costed’. You then say how you want it prepared. In our case, we went for sea bream and red snapper – we chose to have one fried and the other grilled.

When we sat down, while waiting for the fish to come, a waitress and waiter came round with a tray load of ‘mezze‘ – dips and salads and the like, all freshly made and to take our order.

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We selected a variety – hummus, a delightful tomato salad, swimming in juices and flavoured with garlic and parsley and olive oil, a yogurt-tahini and parsley dip, and a sauce of calamari and vegetables.

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Of course, pita bread was in full force – both fresh and toasted.

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Lara ordered rice and we feasted on this till the first batch arrived – the fried fish.

It was served on a platter, lightly battered and beautifully cooked – the fish was soft, and juicy and not a minute overcooked. We enjoyed this with some spiced shortgrain rice and the mezze – I loved it.

2015-01-06 08.13.12 1

We talked and laughed and drank – I, perfectly-made mint tea and Lara, a soft drink.

2015-01-06 08.05.14 1

The sea bream arrived ‘butterflied and spread with wonderful herby and tomatoey sauces.

2015-01-06 08.27.01 1

We devoured this too…almost :).

I loved it – the freedom to choose what you want, and the simple but flavourful combinations, not to mention the excellent service.

A big thank you to Lara, for showing me some of what Dubai has to offer.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Dinner in Dubai: Point & Eat, Barracuda Seafood Restaurant – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


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