Month: October 2015

Nigerian Cuisine

The Anatomy of a Tangelo

I’ve always loved tangelos, bigger and juicier than regular tangerines, we would ‘import’ them to Warri and Port Harcourt whenever family came from Lagos and Ore in the west of the country. I always thought they were a cross between oranges and tangerines, I didn’t know till a few weeks ago that they are actually […]


World Food Day 2015

Hunger. I’m not often hungry. When I am though, I am almost stark raving mad. I could cry, throw tantrums, scream, and act silly. That often takes me by surprise, this reaction, unplanned, sudden yet totally consuming. Quite often, I can stem the hunger, with food or drink and in no time, all’s right with […]


‘Texas Cake’, Just Because

Just because.  Because we all have that one friend who makes us be, become more than we feel capable. The one who encourages, who pushes us forward in spite of our own reluctance. The one who is always and forever there. This is for IJ, who forced me to learn to make layer cakes and […]

Travel & Exploration

Food Photo Love: Carob Pods

Carob – Locust beans, Ceratonia siliqua, used in many forms, as replacement for cocoa powder and as a gelling agent. Not to be confused with the African locust bean, Parkia biglobosa (Iru, Une, Dawadawa) – different plants altogether. I spotted the thick pods in the spice souk in Dubai…in December and marvelled at the almost crystalline core. I […]