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Friday Cocktails – Soursop with Coconut & Cardamom

by on August 7, 2015

This is beautiful. Really beautiful in a rich, creamy, totally tropical delight.

A few ingredients and you’re well on your way to whipping up a delight.

I’ve gone for fresh ingredients here – soursop, hand peeled; fresh coconut and lime juice but you could very well make your own cocktail with store-bought ones – cans of soursop juice, some ‘Malibu’ or other coconut liqueur.


{How to process Soursop}

{How to make Soursop cream}


If you don’t have any Disaronno, add a drop or two of almond extract to your mix. 

Either way, finish with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. 


[yumprint-recipe id=’58’] You won’t regret it.

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