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The Art of the Quickbread

by on July 25, 2015

Banana bread? Cornbread? Pumpkin bread? Muffins? Irish Soda bread?  Scones? Yep, you thought it right – all quick breads. There are arguments aplenty. What defines quick breads? Well, all the quick breads I know are yeast-free, using a classic base-acid combination, aka baking soda and yogurt/ buttermilk/ acidulated dairy to produce the rise,

I like to think of them as a cross between bread and cake. 

My big sister gave me this bag. Even when my little sister @tutsiegirl1 was forming jealous.  It has green olives in it. From South Africa. I love the bag.  On finding new photo taking spots in my new house. Lol  #vscocam #vscogram #vscolife #vscodaily #v

Take Banana bread for instance, I enjoy it on its own, with cream and blah di blah but I know people who swear by slices of it toasted, like you would do yeasted breads so… Often, the batter is made up in two bowls – one for the dry ingredients, and another for the wet. It all comes together when both are combined then baked off. 

On their way into a cheese and olive quick bread.  Because nothing beats the scent of freshly baked bread on a Sunday.  And because the son insisted.  #vscocam #vscogram #vscolife #vscodaily #vscocollections #kitchenbutterfly #instafood #savoury #olives #

I like that you can go both sweet and savoury with this…as I did when I made and Olive & Cheese version, I had a gift of olives from my sister, in the finest newspaper bag ever, it moved me to bake. And a mighty delicious result it was. Here’s my take on a recipe from BBC Good Food. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’55’] The end.  Agave-glazed brown butter plums on Cheese and olive bread.  It was good. Really good. Bread was a but salty but I liked the balance of sweet and cheese...very much.  #vscocam #vscogram #vscolife #vscodaily #kitchenbutterfly #instafood #savoury #

It was lovely.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]The Art of the Quickbread – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]