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‘Adalu’ Salad – Brown Beans & Corn

by on July 21, 2015

I’ve wanted to make a bean salad for ages and finally got round to it. 


This is a simple spiced salad, flavoured with cinnamon powder and lime juice. The recipe comes from a book ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’.


You’ll need cooked beans – boiled till soft but still holding its shape. I cooked the beans without salt so it wouldn’t take forever and yield hard beans.

It reminds me very much of a salsa, ingredients diced up.


And full of colour.


And then, one stirs it all together, and leaves it to rest really.


Which is pretty simple right? And looks awesome, yes?


And then, because you have a coconut scraper, and corn and coconut are fam, that’s how you finish the dish.


You savour ever mouthful, your mouth laced with fresh and warmth, creamy and creamy. You enjoy your ‘Adalu’ salad. And plan on how you shall make the pottage. 

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