Month: July 2015

Drinks, Homebrewing

Friday Cocktails: Tepache

Lawddddd, its been ages since I wrote about ‘Friday Cocktail’… so here I am, with Tepache. On pineapple, the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. Tepache. Of Mexico. From Mexico. Not a cocktail in the true sense of the world…Not a combination of drinks and liqueurs, but still… Tepache is a fermented […]

Nigerian Cuisine, Recipes

Banga Pottage

The mind wanders, not in defiance of boundaries but in search of meaning and truth. An exploration, not confined to history and culture and societal constructs. After all, the mind isn’t community, it is per person, per head, per brain to think and create and share. I’ve had Banga with ‘starches’ – pounded yam, garri, ‘starch’ […]


Amala & Ewedu at Nike Art Gallery

Now I know that my mum said ‘Never take food from strangers’ and all but when Nike offers you lunch, you sit down and eat. Don’t you? You don’t disobey your mother but you thank her silently for raising you well. For giving you the ability to make wise judgments – teaching you to know what to do […]


The Art of the Quickbread

Banana bread? Cornbread? Pumpkin bread? Muffins? Irish Soda bread?  Scones? Yep, you thought it right – all quick breads. There are arguments aplenty. What defines quick breads? Well, all the quick breads I know are yeast-free, using a classic base-acid combination, aka baking soda and yogurt/ buttermilk/ acidulated dairy to produce the rise, I like to […]


Agbalumo Cream Puffs

Once the cream puffs were cool, I whipped up some cream, stuffed and drizzled chocolate over the top. I had some beautiful syrup from macerating Agbalumo :), the same one that formed the base of our Agbalu’lade. I folded the agbalumo syrup into the whipped cream. By then, the choux buns were cool and ready to be […]

Baking, Techniques

The Art of The Cream Puff

Cream Puffs are one of life’s greatest gifts. Everything about the way they are composed to how they are quaffed make them worthy of odes and sonnets. I think. And believe me, I’ve had some of the finest ones so I know what I’m saying. Made of Choux pastry – cooked pastry, they are the […]


Chop, Chop, Chop

A Collection of ‘Chop’ Words, just because. Because you can chop up wood, fish, beef. Because you can chop, wack your food…aka eat with relish.  Chop (Dictionary) verb ˈchäp chopped chop·ping   1 a :  to cut into or sever usually by repeated blows of a sharp instrument  b :  to cut into pieces —often used with […]