Month: June 2015

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Prawn Head Pepper Soup

There are many lessons a girl learns from her mother – how to use prawn heads is arguably one of the best of them. You might scoff and say ‘really’? And I might smile back gently and say ‘Yes, really’. See flavour is not to be underrated, and if like me, you’d rather derive yours naturally, […]

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Five (5) Delicious Dips in ‘Arabian’ Cuisine

Here are five delicious dips from Arabic/ Levant Cuisine 1. Hummus The standard bearer, and vanilla essence of Arabian dips. It is made from boiled chickpeas, pureed and flavoured with tahini- sesame seed paste, olive oil, lemon juice. Variations range from chunky to smooth, made with freshly boiled or tinned chickpeas, served simply or elaborately with olive oil and […]

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Foods to Break Your Fast

After a long period of not eating, it is best to break your fast with light and healthy foods that get your energy levels up. One suggestion is to have a small plate of fruits or food, go to prayer and then have a more nutritious Iftar meal. Here are 10 things you can eat to keep […]

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Moghrabieh Salad

Legume & grain salads are perfect for Ramadan meals.  Cook up a huge pot of beans, grains and use it in a variety of soups and salads, combined with simple dressings and vegetables. Take one is this salad, take two is a soup using much the same ingredients. I particularly like this salad for the […]

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In Season

I’m so thrilled that this season of corn and yellow peppers, ose Nsukka is the one which follows mango season. This is the season of monsoon rains, nights lulled to sleep with drizzles and mornings rudely awoken with pounding drops, thunder and lightening. Here are a few things in season Sweet Potatoes These purple-skinned sweet […]


The Art of Soup

You can take any combination of grains/ legumes and vegetables to cook up an amazing soup. Well, almost any. As long as you have the basics right, you can slay every single time. Using meat? Brown it first. Start off with whatever ‘meat’ you’d like, cut in small chunks. I like to make my soup […]