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Grilled Corn Scent leaf Coconut Cream & Feta

by on May 26, 2015

I love my corn. I’ve been known to run after sellers, craving it with such desperation, one might wonder if the cravings are of a more primal, pregnancy sort.

Alas, I like fresh and sweet, juicy too. I like to chew the kernels off and suck the warm, salty liquid from the core. Please judge me pretty :).


The cobs of corn I have in my possession haven’t travelled well from farm to plate.

Instead of soft and sweet, they are firm and starchy. But I pay no heed. I’ll find fresh one day but it won’t be today. It won’t be now. I’ll live with it.

First, I boil the corn without salt till chewable for tender doesn’t apply here.


When it is ‘softish’, I salt and leave it to soak in its cooking liquid for a bit.

What I plan is a bit of smoky, and herby, creamy and spicy…some sort of Elotes, done the Nigerian way.

For smoke, I heat up my grill pan, and grease it lightly. And then I grill till flecks of black dot kernels. I turn the cobs till this repeats itself overall.


While the corn pan-grills, I make the sweet and cream and spice.


I defrost a jar of scent leaf dip and combine it with crumbled feta and thin with coconut cream. I taste, I salt, I ‘chili’…


And then I set it aside. To wait.


It isn’t long before the corn is done and I put my braiding skills to use.


I ladle the green ‘sauce’ over the top and sprinkle some chili for colour. My ube, pan-grilled too stands guard.


What deliciousness. I sit on a stool in my kitchen and chew and lick and suck. Perhaps those aren’t the right words but they express quite clearly what happened. My fingers and chin drip with sauce… and I’m in some sort of heaven.


I don’t stop till I see the end of the sauce bowl and there’s no corn left.

Regardless of how ‘not-fresh’ these cobs were, the end result is stunning. The perfect balance of herby and creamy flavours. The bridge between coconut and corn this season.


I’m now on a hunt, for cobs so fresh all they need is a hot dip and long grill.

And then I can repeat this feat. Till then, I stay longing…[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Grilled Corn Scent leaf Coconut Cream & Feta – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]