Month: May 2015

Nigerian Cuisine

In Season/ Rainy Season

This is the season of waking up to storms – skies thick with grey and streaked with silver. Thunder, lightening, all are part of the rainy season. I need to equip myself well – ditch blue flannel blankets for tartan ones. Find good books to bury my head in, not necessarily buy but dig up […]

Nigerian Cuisine

The End. Of Mango Season

The season’s coming to an end. At least for the variety of mangoes I hold dear. They are going fast out of season. The mangoes are smaller, softer. Fewer trays are out. Stacked high before, they are now plateaus. I’m holding on hard. Its slipping away fast. I’m doing everything I can to keep it […]

Nigerian Cuisine, Recipes

Snail & Yam Hash

And just from the sound of it, you know this is a hit. Right? Snails, chopped up in the blender, pan fried with boiled (fresh or leftover) yam chunks turned golden from sauteeing. Add a pepper sauce ’cause snails and ‘pepper’ go great and vegetables… and let the one pot do its wonders. For some […]