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Cassava & Shaki Suya Hash

by on April 22, 2015

I love making hash – great for combining starches, meat, vegetables and sauce, all in one pan.

I employed my cassava chunks in this recipes, along with suya of tripe – shaki to Nigerians.

I got the ‘book’ shaki, known as Bible. Manifold. Onigbawe, in Yoruba. For the ‘pages’ it has.

I love how expressive we are with food, from pet names to ‘this-kinda-makes-sense’ names.

Cassava & Suya Stirfry

I also got some Tozo, probably from the belly as it is ‘fatty’. Sigh. I like it for how flavourful it can be.

I wanted the hash to have soft, saucy vegetables so I gently crushed the tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and green bell pepper in an Asanka – a Ghanian grinding bowl.

In the manner of my previous hashes, I pan fried the vegetable base in some oil, with the chunks of suya.

Cassava & Suya Stirfry

Stirring till the mix had a uniform glaze of brown from the suya spice. In went some roasted peanuts – because cassava and peanuts rock. And the cassava chunks. 

I like to hold off seasoning when I do things with suya just so it isn’t overdone. This hash recipe will not suffer from seasoning till the last minute, till you’re sure time’s been spent over the flame.

Cassava & Suya Stirfry

Quite soon, we were done. I serve this medley with yaji and a delightful scent leaf oil.

Cassava & Suya Stirfry

It is an interesting combination of starch, vegetables, meat and nuts.

I want the cassava chunks to be more, taste more interesting but they aren’t. They are quite firm and chewy without a particularly distinctive flavour.

The half remind me of sweet potatoes but something’s missing.

Cassava & Suya Stirfry

Don’t get me wrong, it is nice – the tripe and tozo give it texture. I’m chewing bits and pieces laced with the bright green of scent leaf. The tripe is not hard or soft – it is in between chewy and I have to spend some time on it. Which gives me pause and a chance to savour if I like.

Cassava & Suya Stirfry

I am glad I tried the cassava but I’m going to have to find more interesting uses for it.

Cassava & Suya Stirfry


So holler at me if you know how one can coax good flavour out of this root. Merci xxx[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Cassava & Shaki Suya Hash – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]