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Best-ever, Timi’s Fried Rice

by on February 23, 2015

If you ever move house, ask me to loan my friend, Timi to you.

She’s the business. And not only because she made the most amazing Nigerian fried rice for me when I first moved to Lagos…nope, not only because of that.


First up, just for being there/ here. Going at my own pace and then some. She came armed with suggestion, things I hadn’t considered about where what should go where and when.


Second of all – the food.


She made sure I was well fed with pizza and Kilishi and garri.


But the best of all? Nigerian Fried rice. It was amazing – cooked with basmati, shrimps, vegetables and coconut milk.


The killer though? The hint of spice and lovely fragrance from yellow chilli peppers.


Since she made this last September, I haven’t let her rest. So much so that she came on Sunday, fresh from church to cook us all a pot.

And yes, it was as awesome as the first time, and more.

And because of this, we’re covered for dinner, lunch boxes and then some.

If you ever move, I’ll rent her to you…for a small, fine fee.  

Thank me later


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Peace & Love

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