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Mango & Coconut Custard with Lime Marmalade Puff-Puff

by on February 20, 2015

Cravings don’t come much stronger than this. Think checking every store you know on Lagos Island, rejecting other brands – Domo, and all the others that aren’t Bird’s. I find it at a supermarket called ‘Supamarket’ on Gerrard road, where I also meet the actor, Olu Jacobs and take a selfie with him. 

I am so excited about this custard. 

The fragrance of childhood mornings, and evenings, of sweet and milky come flooding back.


This time though, I’ve decided, I’m going to take this up the dessert route.

I cut up fresh mango flesh and puree it with a touch of water. I open up a tin of coconut milk, crush the seeds of green cardamom pods and set aside some white sugar.


I don’t strain the puree. I combine custard powder, mango puree, coconut milk, sugar, ground cardamom pods and water. I set this on medium heat.  (In the meantime, my stuffed puff-puffs are ‘chilling’ in the oven).

Once I notice the first bubbles – signs of thickening, I pull the pot off the heat – I want to control the bubbling, so I get smooth not lumpy for lumpy ‘pap’ (sigh) was the bane of dreary childhood days.

Once it’s thickened, I put it back on and let it cook. In a few minutes, all is ready.

I pour the custard into yogurt pots and top with spoonfuls of coconut milk and lime marmalade. To finish? Some freshly grated lime zest.


 I set up plates just as the door bell rings. It’s the children, back from school.

‘Mama, mama, mama,….’, words flying nineteen to the dozen. ‘Can I have some – they are gone in a flash. And devoured. They love ’em (well 2 out of 3). 

It’s lovely. Some of my favourite things in a glass jar. Who knew custard could be even more lush than plain with milk? I mean who knew? 

So, for that dinner party, make up the custard combining all the ingredients but don’t cook till dessert time. Stuff the puff-puff but hold off baking too.

When it’s dessert time, warm the puffs in the oven and cook this et voila. Ready.


Custard fan? Yay or nay? Best way to enjoy it suggestions[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Mango & Coconut Custard with Lime Marmalade Puff-Puff – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]