Welcome to 2014: Embracing Accomplishments/ My New Year’s Resolutions

My word for 2014: #Accomplished

My phrase for the year 2013 was ‘Peace in Fulfillment’. Did I find it? To a large extent I did.

Even with this post that almost wasn’t…thanks to unplanned downtime with my web host.

I drove out earlier on in the evening. I needed time alone. To think. To clear my head. To cry if need be.

My plan when I came back was to finish off this post….so when I tried to log on and I couldn’t get in, I was distraught. I eventually found out that there was some disruption in my host’s services.

I was furious. Ready to leave them.

Till I read something brilliant by Josh Broton: Web Hosting: The Value of a Great Partner.

And it made me think many things. How sometimes we want to ‘bail’ when the going gets rough. And how we can. We’re allowed to. But we ought to understand why. And what we’re moving on to. What we want. Something better? Something more suited to our needs. Something more wholesome, commensurate with who we are and what we’re about.


It calmed me down. And brought me back here – where services were restored. And I could write in peace.

So yes, I think I’m ready for 2014.

Ready to be accomplished but most importantly, ready to find the right ‘partners’, make the right friendships and do the right things.

I’m ready to be ‘wrong’ and to learn and accept correction. So please bring it on. I will keep the phrase below in my mind!

But I also will be….

….In the new things I long for, wish for and am prepared to be.


I began 2013 – last year with resolutions. Resolutions work for me. So I make them!

In 2013, I wanted to:

  • To go to church. I didn’t. Well I did a few times. And…..hmmmm….not sure if I can even make good on this in 2014!
  • To get ‘serious’ about food. Really serious. I did. Am. Will always be. In July I woke up in the Blue Room in Welewyn Garden City with a strong desire to write a Nigerian food & drink magazine. 2014 is ‘the’ year
  • I built on the great things we’ve accomplished as a family on eating balanced diets. One secret? Wraps, buffet style. My kids continue to consume copious amounts of fruits – with poffertjes, pancakes, on their own; and vegetables – especially if presented wrap style whether that be Rolled in Lettuce, or rice paper, tortillas or even crepes.
  • Read. I read. A lot. But not traditional books. I read @99u. @Co-Create @FastCompany @TheDailyMuse. I fell in love with many words. Found companions in many places.
  • Write. I wrote. Lots. More than ever. I didn’t stop. Notebook after notebook after notebook. 50 draft posts. Songs in my head.
  • Go to bed early. Hmmm…………
  • Be comfortable with spontaneity. I took some spontaneous decisions. Not many but I’m becoming comfortable with
  • Continue to trust myself. Working on this…in spite of………..
  • Remain passionate about people. Well and truly. My driving force. Amidst disappointment. Amidst trials. I wont give up on you…or me! For driving lessons, visit https://www.mycdltraining.com.
  • Fight for a cause. Any cause for good, for meaning, for life. I stood up for women and equality at the UN in September. I don’t know if I have ever said it clearly but I am crazy about two things: People finding their passions – in which I coach, mentor, share, help, be a friend…..; and Supporting Women in the Workplace.
There's something #lifechangin about seatin in #geneva at the #UN. Makes me feel on top of my world!
Geneva, September 2013: United Nations Headquarters. Empowering Women Symposium

Thank you for being here for me – your thoughts & words mean SO much to me. You’ll never know…..


In 2014, I will:

  • Hope for health & strength, above all else
  • Continue to give. To give ALL of me. My time. My passion. My energy. My ALL to everything I deem worthy.
  • Hold the very first issue of my Nigerian food & drink magazine – it will be a#thingofbeauty, obsessed with beauty and meaning and content as I am. I am so excited. My stomach flutters.
  • Consciously seek collaborations with people, at the intersections of things I love: Food. Culture. Maps. Music. Technology. Media. Video.
  • Play badminton. Badminton. Badminton.

Thank you for everything.

I’m here for you.

And I’ll take all you have to give.

Thank you.

With love into 2014, and beyond,



  1. Sis,

    I need you to tell me how I can help you make these dreams come true?

    I love posts like this because I enjoy seeing people’s growth, not necessarily in achieving the goals themselves (always a plus) but how their thought processes about this particular thing changes over time.

    I especially loved the one about learning to keep giving more of yourself. I think I am like you in that way. It comes naturally to me. But being burned by people who taketaketake and being burned has started to make me weary and hold more of myself within. To give constantly is very brave and I urge you to keep trying.

    Finally, I too am ready to touch this magazine one day. Lets touch base on email in terms of how it’s going.


    • Oh Babe.

      Thank you.

      I have a draft post waiting to send to you……..

      Its hard to give.love.care for other people and not get as much as you need.want.love. back.
      Its the balance I’m keen to try.
      Cutting off ALL dead weight.
      I can’t do it anymore.

      Stay well my love.

      Email you soonest

  2. I’m not the greatest fan of recipes & cooking as I’d rather be served :), but oh, how I love what you do with your recipes and photos and the stories that surround each one! I come here often because your blog is: a#thingofbeauty, obsessed with beauty and meaning and content as you are! .I look forward to your Nigerian food & drink magazine, and all you have to offer in 2014.

    #accomplished, go, go go!

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