#Video: How to Cut a Mango

I didn’t grow up cutting up mangoes into pretty chunks for food.
I didn’t worry about how to get my chunks all lined up in a row.
I didn’t find my days and night taken with thoughts of salsas and salads
Limed-fruit and whatnots.
It wasn’t till adulthood beckoned…
That I learnt how to cut a mango.
So, I hope you find this video useful….How to cut a mango on Vimeo.


  1. Very nice video M butterfly! Love the sounds and feel
    To it. Now you make us want to devour that mango. More of those videos please. X

  2. Magnificent video! The glisten on the mango evokes a ripe and tasty fruit! My mom wan’t much for trying new fruits and vegetables so I also discovered mangos as an adult!

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