Passion Fruit, Carrot, Ginger & Papaya Smoothie

For when you can’t eat.

Two pains I cannot fathom or explain – heartbreak and toothache.
Are they really necessary for life, growth, healing?
I wonder.

I had an impacted wisdom tooth extracted last Monday.

It’s not something I’d like to repeat. Or wish on my worst enemy.

Now I understand what my friend Joy told me once, when I was much younger about being hurt and hurting.

A Wheelbarrow full of Carrots

She said ‘…because I know how much it hurts to be treated like this, I don’t want even my worst enemy to go through it (the same kind of pain) so I’ll never ‘revenge’ or do the same back.’

That shocked me.

I’d have thought that you’d want your enemy or friend-turned-enemy to go through the pain, to feel the hurt so they could understand just how they’d rocked your world. But… no…..she said.
Her reasoning made absolute sense.
Makes absolute sense. Still. All these years on.

I can’t say how many times its pushed me to forgiveness but its caused me ‘pause’, times without number.

I wouldn’t wish the toothache I had on anyone.

It gets to your very core, touches your nerves.

And in my case, stops you from eating solid food.

Enter this smoothie. Made with a variety of beta-carotene rich fruits and vegetables, all in season and a wonderful companion at breakfasts and lunches all week.

What goes in varies. Sometimes, it’s the not so-sweet ends of pineapples


Isn’t it cool that the heads are fashioned into ‘flowers’?


Other times, its watermelons. Purchased from my ‘customers’. Who see no harm in ‘posing’ for a photo or two. Trust. That’s what these photos are about.


I marvel at their stall – how it changes throughout the year depending on what is in season.


How their creature comforts are nestled in the midst of their wares. The transistor radio, which keeps them linked to the world, while they remain fixed for hours on end, all day and everyday.


I like that I can get almost everything I need from them, in one go. 

I like how beauty and order too is important to them. In how they display the fruit. Though I never buy cut-up fruit because I’m not sure of where and how it’s been prepared, I still admire it greatly.


All I need for my smoothie.

A smoothie that can be whipped up in mere minutes and satisfies my cravings for fresh and smooth and easy-to-eat- food.

Front row – L to R; Papaya/Pawpaw, Green Guava, Ginger; Back row – L to R: Carrots, Agave syrup

I treat it like gazpacho. Like a soup. I need the feeling of ‘being full’. It is not the time to suck on a straw any way so scooping spoonfuls from bowl or cup to mouth is exactly what is required.

Smoothies are not an exact science – they are a personal thing, from the flavour combination to the final texture – you call the shots.

I like mine thick and cold but not watered down.

Front row – L to R; Green Guava, Ginger, Jar full of passion fruit seeds; Back row – L to R: Carrots, Agave syrup

And so I freeze left-over pawpaw, papaya and use them as ice cubes. Fruit cubes.

Carrots, Wedges of Guava, Freshly peeled ginger, Passion fruit seeds, Papaya/Pawpaw

I like a bit of sweetness, so I drizzle in some agave nectar. Just enough to enhance the natural sugars in the carrots. And other fruits.


I don’t mind…in fact I like the crunch from the broken up passion fruit seeds, and so I don’t bother extracting the passion fruit essence before I make the smoothie.


I could go on and on but I don’t need to.

_DSC0183 _DSC0188

This is my sustenance till chewing gets back to normal.


And I’m fine with it.


For now.


Sigh. And much love. X X X

And if you need a recipe, here is my rough guide: 1 cup papaya/pawpaw (preferably frozen), 1 cup chopped carrots, 1/2 a cup guava chunks, 1 – 2 tablespoons of agave nectar, 1 tablespoon fresh ginger chunks and 1/4 cup water.


_DSC0062[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Passion Fruit, Carrot, Ginger & Papaya Smoothie – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. I had not one but two impacted wisdom teeth removed a few years ago they had to be surgically removed so I understand your pain and I too would not wish it on my worst enemy. The doctor had to prescribe Valium to help me sleep on the first night after surgery and boy was i glad he did because once the anesthesia wore off it was pain like I had never felt before. I survived on soups (heavy broth type soups), rice pudding, mash, mince meat and ice cream for the entire week before I could bring myself to chew on anything. I was literally swallowing my food without chewing the whole time. Terrible experience I tell you! Quick recovery Ozoz!

  2. Oh my goodness! Hoping you are much better! The vibrant smoothies are so full of seasonal flavor they will keep you nourished as you heal. The passion fruit is so lush!

  3. Ouch! Sorry you’re in pain. Yeah, I wouldn’t wish the pain of toothache on anyone either. Your smoothie looks very very lovely – hope it’s helping 🙂

  4. Eyah!!! I had the same surgery over a year ago and I looked like a square pumpkin from the swelling, lol. I wish I took a picture. But the pain…I don’t like medicine but I had to – no posing. Pele again.

    The smoothie sounds good – I think the guava at home tastes better than what I’ve had in the US.

    • Thanks ID. You made me smile a big one.

      The guavas aren’t really living up to my childhood memories but I’ll have them all the same 🙂

      I – the one who always forgets that painkillers exist when I’m in pain…had to embrace them. Hard.

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