Yellow. Bright. Happy. Memories of Lagos

 I’ve got a thing for Yellow. And Blue. Cobalt. And Sky.

Yellow and Harmattan Sky: Lagos/ Oshodi Bridge

I love Blue.

Lagos. Yellow Lagos
Children’s Party & Other Festivities: Ikoyi Hotel, in yellow

The song. And the colour too.

Both move me to action…


I love that it brings me harmony and confidence, located as it is between violet and green on the optical colour spectrum.

One of my faves.

I love Indigo. Natural. Earth. Colour of adire and batik. Fabric that speaks to culture and heritage. Stunning with red.

I love Prussian blue. Names learnt from tiny tubes of paint. And Egyptian Blue.

I love Yellow.


I love Coldplay’s Yellow. The song. The first Coldplay single I ever owned.

I love Yellow.

Yellow ‘Danfo’ Buses

Its sunniness.

Its radiance.

Its brilliance.

Its unashamedness in being bright and bold and……way out there.

Yellow everywhere: Yellow Trousers. Umbrella. Walls. Tins. Yellow. Yellow.

It might be why I want my arms to flail in Manhattan.

Why the city of Lagos is dotted, peppered, loving decorated with yellow.

Note all the yellows in the photo. Yellow happy!

The colour Yellow.

Lagos. Yellow Lagos
Yellow Road Markings

Yellow is commonly associated with gold, wealth, sunshine, reason, happiness, optimism and pleasure, but also with cowardice, envy, jealousy and betrayal. It plays an important part in Asian culture, particularly in China


It might be why I have a thing for Lagos. A burst of the colour Yellow. A sure stamp on a chaotic landscape.

Of the many things Yellow is thought to be..… it is my ‘optimism’. And happiness ….in spite of.

Yellow curtains. Buses. Danfos. Yellow

I love Pharrell Williams  Pharrell William’s song – Happy. Introduced with Yellow. Dotted with Yellow. Splashed. With flourish. Present. The colour Yellow.

Yellow Bus. Girl/Lady in Yellow Tee. What are the odds of so much yellow?

Tee-shirts, collars, buses of Yellow. It makes me want to dance. Clap. Sing. Scream with joy………

24 hours of Happy – The World’s First 24 Hour Music Video; Pharrell Williams

“….Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

Because I’m happy

….Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

Because I’m happy

…Clap along if you know what happiness is to you

Because I’m happy

…..Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna to do”

Not cowardice or envy or betrayal but of reason and pleasure.

For Yellow takes no prisoners.

Falomo Roundabout at Night, Ikoyi – Yellowlit banner above Fantastic Christmas lights and sculptures

Cannot. Will not be subdued.

On the road.


Or wrapped around street lights.

Lagos. Yellow Lagos

I love Chatreuse too. But that’s so long a story – saved for 2014.

And I love Lagos.

Yellow Rickshaws, Kekenapeps in Lagos

In sooooooooo many ways.

For it – the city…. gives me hope.

And courage.


Makes me believe I can ‘Be’




And be everything I want.

Yes I know.

I know that a certain romanticism exists.

Yellow advertisments on streetlamps

That when I move there……..

The warts shall come out to play

And I say…’whatever’. Talk to the hand.

I care not.

I will let this city inspire…

‘Instant’grammed Yellow photo – View from the 14th Floor, A tower in Marina.

Move me to action…

As I’ve done for years and years and years.

Yellow. Love. Lagos.

#theartoftheselfie: Yours truly. In my fave ever colours. Yep, I practice what I preach!

 Yellow lover? Wave. Blue too?

Lagos. Yellow Lagos

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  1. Hadn’t thought about it before. Yes, yellow loves Lagos and Lagos loves yellow! Lovely images, captures memories, happy times!
    p.s. didn’t realize Harmattan still “happened” in Lagos. I thought urbanization had pushed it away 🙂

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