Reasons To Believe: Thank You for 2013

Very Merry 2014

They put up the tree. With no help from me. I’ve taught them well.

They’ve bought the presents – no help required, save for a few Naira bills.

They’ve picked what they want to feast on. Croquembouche. Cinnamon Sugar Breakfast Puffs. Coffee 🙂 For Breakfast.

I’ve decided on Lunch. Roast chicken. Potatoes. Suya-spiced Roasted Butter-nut squash. Kumquat Salad with Herbs. (B….this one’s for you)!

I’ll cook. I’ll bake.There’ll be cake. Drinks. A right celebratory feast. Dinner’ll be leftovers – for sure….I won’t cook after dark :-).

I’ll dance to ‘Happy‘. Watch soppy movies. Cry. Laugh. I’ll sing (Sometimes terribly. Sometimes passably but sing I will. Must. Shall do).

I’ll think on the GREAT friends I’ve made this year. Friends who’ve listened to me laugh…and cry. Who’ve held me. Sang for me. Cooked with me, thought and talked through my stickier moments. Thank you. I will be there for you – make no bones about it. When the fierce battles come – I’ll be there. Loyal to the very end. I promise.

I’ll think of the GREAT friends I’ve kept and new ones made on Kitchen Butterfly – You. Your support, your kindness, your guidance and inspiration. Your encouragement. Your love and laughter work wonders for my soul – I kid you not. And yet I haven’t met all of you. That will be corrected – promise….one travel at a time!

I’ll think on the GREAT ideas this year has brought. And how much I look forward to 2014. To make them living, breathing #thingsofbeauty that make a difference. Thank you for helping with the magazine survey – it means a LOT to me.

I’ll think on many things.

Most of all for the MANY reasons I have………to believe. Thank you.

Some happy. Some sad. All with a view to forging on…..making gains. Finding contentment.

I hope that whatever you do, whatever you celebrate or don’t, that you will find some reason for cheer, for smiles, for laughter….this week and into the New Year.

With all my love ♥♥♥

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  1. Thank you for 2013 too….time spent cooking with you in your kitchen definitely rank among the highlights of my year…God bless you babe.

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