Its Official – I LOVE RADIO

Oh Gosh, I LOVE Radio.

I just might have found myself a new calling. Sure, I’ll have to have proper media training so I don’t stammer and stutter so much :-), but I think I’ll make it alright.

I spent a wonderful half an hour after work today talking to the wonderful Rebecca of Chow & Chatter.

Rebecca has a way with firsts & I!

The very first guest post I EVER wrote as a food blogger was on her blog, about food customs and cultures around the world. This was months into my new life as a food blogger, and I was touched at her kindness.

We’ve kept in touch through the years, a budding friendship.

The next first is being her guest on her food talk show, on BlogTalkRadio.

When she asked me a few weeks ago if I’d like to come on, I did a mental double-flip.


Because 3 days before, my friends and I were chatting away on a Friday afternoon. One asks if I’d ever been on radio….to which I squinted. Radio was such a ‘foreign’ thing. I was totally confused.

Dial forward, and Rebecca, on a different continent asks me to be her guest.

My universe is definitely in motion.

Now to get someone to talk about the $$$$$$ 🙂

Listen and enjoy our conversation.

Thanks Rebecca! I had a blast.

Power to more radio shows![wpurp-searchable-recipe]Its Official – I LOVE RADIO – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Oz, just heard that interview. Just awesome as your blogging . You have delivered so many interesting things about food and culture and your life in your own cool style . I am so happy for you and for sure- this butterfly can fly higher!!

  2. I enjoyed listening to that. You are clearly knowledgable about food and I learned a few things. Here’s to many more interviews and all your plans and desires coming to pass.

  3. You did an amazing job! Couple of things that interested me.
    You’re a geologist? I’ve never even heard of exploration geology before. I don’t want to assume it’s oil related given the PH location but either way it’s fascinating? How hard/easy is it to access the foods you feature on your website in PH?
    So can your kids cook as well or are they mostly “appreciaters”? =)

    • Thank you darling!

      Yes, I’m a geologist.
      And don’t worry, I’d never heard of Exploration Geology too, about 14 years ago!
      An Exploration Geologist essentially finds natural resources (oil, gas, minerals etc) using geophysical techiniques – like seismic data etc.
      Yes I work in oil & gas…..and in PH.

      A lot of the foods I feature on KB are bought in PH, or in Lagos (my London), especially if its fruit and veg!
      If there’s something specific you wonder about – let me know and I’ll tell.

      And finally, my kids can cook……
      At least I’ve been the beneficiary of a few breakfasts in bed!
      This thrills me to noooooooo end 🙂
      Fruits of my labour, et al

      Thanks again – means a lot that you listened…and enjoyed

  4. Oh wow, I just listened to the broadcast and I’m blown away by the way you people engage with food with all the geographic, cultural and socioeconomic texture to it. The most complex interaction I’ve had with food before now is eating it. So ashamed, will think more on these things going forward.

  5. Good for you!

    I was on radio for the first time a few weeks ago, on NaijaInfo. It’s a heady feeling knowing that your words are reaching thousands in real time, and the digital native that I fancy myself gained a healthy respect for so called traditional media. Unfortunately, I forgot everything I was going to say, and made a round mess of it. Which is why I have to get back on soon 🙂

    • Oh I laughed my head off Lord Banks but there are many things to commend: you got on air.

      You admit where things went pear-shaped (don’t totally believe you though) and

      …AND you are prepared to get on again.

      Good on you.

      Save me a slot, ok?

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