Brighton: Down By The Beach

I am considering moving countries. Cities. Towns. Brighton is currently top of my list.

Don’t ask me the hard question, for I can’t choose right now between Brighton and the love of my life, New York City.

For now, let’s just leave it at Brighton.


The photos may explain why.

Gorgeous seaside, and rocky beach.












Great street art and murals. Which I adore.







Cafe fronts and insides to live for. Peeking into Chinese stores.






Delicious Regional Indian food and cardamom ice-cream at The Chilli Pickle






Gorgeous Architecture.


Kombi Bus


See why Brighton is my new thing?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Brighton: Down By The Beach – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Oz I sent this link to my husband and he loved it as he is from Brighton. Your photos are fascinating… I loved brighton too when I used to visit him some 10 years ago,, the food was amazing back then too. Keep traveling Baby!

    • The indian food was wonderful. The people are trendy, big on organic, and look happy. Seeing as I know a total of 4 people, well 4 adults and 1 child in Brighton, all of whom are wonderful…..I can say the people are friendly too!

  2. Ok, Brighton is looking ALOT like coney island and I am a huge Coney Island fan! The colors are just breathtaking! Beautiful images m’dear

    • Coney Island, sigh. We couldn’t fit the end of ‘Brooklyn’ into our summer trip but its on my mind. Thank you for sharing the connection. Now I feel ok….this is a good ‘make-up’ beach trip, for Coney Island.

  3. I say keep your bags packed and travel the world! Just take me with you! I’m loving the visit to Brighton! Your photos are incredible!

  4. Do you know anyone growing artichokes in Nigeria? I’ve never seen any in Accra or anywhere else in Ghana. But I’m thinking perhaps you could up in the hills north of Accra where it’s cooler.

    Just discovered your blog and love it . . . We had an organic local foods farmers market in Accra last week and the Guardian reported it as the first farmers market in Ghana. I’m serious. But, what is changing is that more people are trying to grow a wider variety.

    • Thanks Akua – I don’t know about artichokes, but like you say up in cooler country, they might have them. I haven’t come across them in the markets.

      My friend who I spent time with in Brighton sent me a link to the article….

      How would you describe the market. Most of our African markets, if not all are farmer’s markets (thanks for giving me insight into understanding the differences between the markets!).

      I’d love to visit Accra again. Soon….

  5. This view of Brighton is not the one I have in my head. Your selection of pics make it look really exotic. I was an hour from Brighton this summer but my images of that coast are – well through very English eyes. I adore how you’ve captured Brighton – I want to go there now….and I hope you get your dream too.

    • I am working on making all the dreams come true.

      It was my 2nd time there, 1st time 2 years ago.

      I’d gotten over the initial shock of discovering it wasn’t a sandy beach but full of gravel. It kind of perplexed me then (and I’m a geologist) that non-sand beaches could/should be called beaches. My mind has been long made up about what a beach is, and if it ain’t got sand…..

      Anyhow, I still love the looks of the town and am looking forward to going back!

  6. I love, love, LOVE this post, dear Ozoz!! 🙂 The colors, the light, those fabulous ice cream holders and wonderful prints. 🙂 What an inspiring place that you have captured beautifully. 🙂

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