On Food: Ten (10) Things I Ate, Loved, Learnt, Did and Made in 2013

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 31, 2013
Can you really put it down to #tenthings? Well? If push came to…this is what my #toptenfor2013 is! This year, I travelled aplenty. My plate and by air. Morocco. By plate. Edinburgh. Holland. Welwyn Garden City. Manhattan. Rye. Niagara Falls. Brighton. London. Geneva. Lagos. And these journeys, these explorations brought me face to face, and sometimes to […]

Nigerian Condiments: Zobo/ Hibiscus Jelly

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 30, 2013
Failure doesn’t faze me. Its nothing new. Jams that won’t set are ….mere vestiges of the past. I forge on….determined. This Zobo Jelly is an example in point. I went back to the drawing board and ended up with something that was and is worthy of any table.

Revisited for Christmas Dinners: Nigerian Gin Pepper Sauce & A June Plum Condiment

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 29, 2013
In 6 weeks, we’ve gone from clear to red. The colour of hot and spicy. I like. I like everything about the sauce.

Christmas Dinners: Nigerian Smoky Party Jollof ‘Stick Rice’

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 28, 2013
Someday I’ll have my dream. Of opening a pop-up restaurant. I’ll call it ‘Sweet Smoke Square’. Because of Jollof rice and ‘bottom pot’. And because I totally heart smoke. It’ll have the finest food South of the Sahara, under the canopy of the Savannah.

Christmas Dinners – Suya-Spiced Everything from Butternut Squash to Chicken

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 27, 2013
I have my own Mallam. My supplier of the Finest suya spice blend. I’ve know Mamanga for over a year since my friend B and I first ordered a whole Suya-Roasted ram from him. Yes, a whole ram for our personal consumption. Ok…well for us and our families….a grand total of 9 people.

Croquembouche for Christmas Brunch

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 26, 2013
He is adamant about not wanting to have any buns, the first time we try them. We don’t get why. Oh well, he can be weird sometimes, our D. We sit at the table, bound by brunch. Feasting.

Reasons To Believe: Thank You for 2013

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 24, 2013
They put up the tree. With no help from me. I’ve taught them well. They’ve bought the presents – no help required, save for a few Naira bills. They’ve picked what they want to feast on. Croquembouche. Cinnamon Sugar Breakfast Puffs. Coffee 🙂 For Breakfast. I’ve decided on Lunch. Roast chicken. Potatoes. Suya-spiced Roasted Butter-nut squash. […]

Yellow. Bright. Happy. Memories of Lagos

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 23, 2013
 I’ve got a thing for Yellow. And Blue. Cobalt. And Sky. I love Blue.

Sugarcane Juice Revisited: Three (3) Ways

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 21, 2013
This post is as much about showing off my bargain ‘Eva Solo’ Danish Design tumblers…. ….as it is about exploring new flavours with sugar cane juice.