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Green White Green: Happy 53rd Independence Day, Nigeria

by on October 1, 2013

Another October 1st.

Another day to sit back and think.

This October 1st, this Independence Day, I am thinking a few things.

Reinventing Hope

Where it not for Timi of Lively Twist, I would be moaning about my country. Instead I’m thinking of ‘Reinventing Hope‘.

She writes ‘ Little hinges swing huge doors.  Change will elude us as long as we only point fingers.’

And I SCREAM in agreement. Turning my pointing finger back on myself!

On the #streets in full force. In preparation for #octoberfirst aka #nigerianindependenceday #celebrations #independenceday

On Nigeria, By Nigerians, For Nigerians

Where it not for Sisi Yemisi, I wouldn’t realise how much Nigerians, in Nigeria love Nigerian food. She made a wonderful 16 minute video where Nigerians talk about what they like and don’t like about this great country.

I am hopeful and inspired and determined to contribute to making this country what I want it to be, for me and for my children.

I know there are lots more to share but these 2 are sufficient inspiration for me today.

Bound together in #greenwhitegreen. 'Good people, great nation.' Happy #independenceday #nigerianindependenceday #octoberfirst #nigeria #naija

Happy Independence Day Nigeria. At 53.

#greenwhitegreen #happyoctoberfirst #independenceday #nigerianindependenceday #nigeria


Many more years of GOOD growth.



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