Month: April 2013

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Lemon & Lemon Bars

Do you sense it as well? This grasping at straws. The Meyers are leaving me be. And I sit here, moaning the end of a season, a friendship….a love affair even, …..with Meyers, my Meyers. The strawberries are no better. They’ve turned an insipid colour that I won’t dignify by calling red. For these bear […]

Recipes, Techniques

Meyer Lemon Brown Butter

There’s only one thing better than home-made butter and that one thing would be beurre noisette. Otherwise known as brown butter. When it becomes beurre noisette et citron, brown butter with lemon, then you know you’re on to a good thing. I say that with supreme confidence for this bright, citrusy liquid is perfect for many […]

Baking, Recipes

Chunky Meyer Lemon Caramel Sauce

We all are replicas of other people, living in some other place. With similar thoughts. And wonders….and even actions. Take Janet and I – twins in our desire for Meyer Lemon Caramel. One afternoon, I sat at my office desk. I’m not sure what prompted me, but thoughts of golden, citrus-flavoured caramel were swirling around in […]