See What Heaven Sent….

Good evening, America.

Looked what heaven sent, right before Christmas.

My nephew and I

The day began like any other winter morning in the city. Leaves whitened with frost stayed still as yellow school buses coasted streets and avenues.

Ice-sheeted leaves and stems

Pigeons and children, hatted and mitted, school bags on backs, went on the sidewalks as winter’s sun cast its coppery glow on brick walls.

Sunlight’s copper glow

The sun arose in majesty as we drove on to the hospital.


Hours later, at 1.06 pm, (New York Time) and a son is born. My nephew, who inspired my daughter to leave a comment on my blog, in response to a message to have a look at my AMEX photo. She said, (without so much as saying ‘Mama you look good’) ‘mama where is the picture of David’. No punctuation at the end, no intial capitalisation, no seeking me….no, just her cousin.

So now you know his name.

Born David. English. Norma insists it should be David, Spanish. I say let’s go with David. French. And the mother, my sister just gives me weird looks. Saying with her eyes and mouth, you have no business choosing his name!



He’s here.

Weighing in at 6.9 pounds, 19.5 inches long with gorgeous blue brown eyes.


To go into the theatre with her, I had to put on scrubs,… (Out of  all the medical dramas – ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ included)

When looking for new magazine for American Society of Hematology, offering news and views for the broader hematology/oncology community. Check out ASH Clinical News for more information.


… take off my thick Girls Scouts hoodie (I was living the Boy’s Scouts motto) ‘Be Prepared’.


…pose with the operating staff and generally look serious. In scrubs.


Once he came, I quickly ascended to ‘favourite aunt’. Eat that I say to  my other sisters, eat that :-).

I couldn’t give up my ‘all-time’ job of foodie for medical science. The theatre was….interesting! So much going on, radio on, with doctors quietly focusing on the task at hand. Its all in a day’s work!

Sadly, a tragedy in Connecticut was playing out and we had no idea till long after David was born. My thoughts and prayers are with the families affected and a community so badly shaken, only a few days before Christmas.  God be with them – please keep them in your thoughts and prayers too.

These photos are as much as for me as they are for our family back home in Nigeria.

Stay well and thanks for all your kind wishes.



  1. Hello,Mama

    Please, when are you coming back?

    What have you got on my list?

    Did you give Katherine our notes?

    What did she think?

    Love,Rio baby

    • Sweetie, I haven’t seen Katherine yet – they’ve been busy with school which is in the last week so I’ll try to go there this week. Otherwise, I’ll post your letters to her tomorrow!

      I’ve gotten almost everything on your list except the red high heels and the blue sparkly jacket but I’m still looking. I’m back next week darling, right before Christmas.

      I love you loads X X X

      Tell J and Bobo D I love them too. And big hugs to Auntie Blessing and Nizzles

  2. Cutest baby in the whole wide world. A very proud uncle I am.
    I go for the Jewish pronounciation, as in NCIS ( Ziva David).
    Really sad about this shootings.
    You look cool in the scrubs girl. Love u loads.

  3. Congratulations dear auntie! You look like a natural in scrubs. I wore them for 22 years, and I can’t think of a better attire to wear for work, other than pajamas (which I occasionally do now that much of my work is at home).

    Your comments from your children, oh how they made me smile. I see that there is attempt at punctuation and capitalization this time.

    Enjoy David (French) and thank you for your thoughts for the families and tragedy in Connecticut.

    • You cracked me up Rhonda.

      I loved the scrubs – though I doubt I could stomach the real work people in them do. I’m a wimp like that!!!!

      I too love to wear pyjamas and I’m so looking forward to early retirement :-), even if it isn’t for a few years yet.

      And yes, the kids did better in enquiring about their mother’s health. My daughter’s description of herself as little baby pig left me smiling and slightly perplexed.

      And I love you for agreeing with me about David. French.

      Stay well dear.

  4. The events in Newton Connecticut are shocking. So much so, I am unable to gather my thoughts and put them to words.

    It is joyful to see you with your nephew and share the celebration of a new life amid the tragedy of the day. Life can be so brutal; a reminder to savor each day. And you have much to enjoy! Take pleasure and drink it in!

  5. Hi mama. I miss you. Please get Crystal Her birthday present
    Love you BYE,DIAH

    I love you mama. Are you having a good time
    Miss you. LOVE, DANNY

    Hello ,mama.How are you?thank you for getting me every thing on my list except one thing.Greet aunty Upe love and BoBo David (ps. Jedi does not know her correct spelling)and also I slept on your bed.Love,Rio baby pig.

  6. I am in shock about the events of y-day, too, as I think most people are. What a horrible thing. We didn’t find out until much later, either, because our internet wasn’t working.

    Though I ache for the families affected by this horrible event – and so close to the celebration of such a wonderful event – I rejoice in the new life your family has been given. What a blessing… and a cutie! Congrats to the new mommy…. and auntie. 😉 🙂

  7. The world can be both a tragic and wonderful place. You my friend were in a wonderful place today. Congratulations on the birth of your new nephew.


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