New York, New York

The view before me is green. Lush,thick and wet with Lagos rain. The grey skies, light with mist hold beauty in the clouds. I see it all from the departure lounge. I am staring through glass while listening to Alicia Keys sing about New York in ‘Empire State of Mind’.

I sing along and dream of the concrete jungle, hotdogs, blueberry muffins and steaming cups of cappuccino. Central Park, Lady Liberty, Times Square and lots of inspiration. Plus meeting up with some of my favourite people, like norma of platanos, mangoes and me.

But first there is a week in Colorado and Utah and then the bright lights will appear.

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    • Steve dear…..these old bones are creaking. I originally planned to do Boston but it would have been a stretch. My younger sister who used to live in Boston had began to give me a must-see list even but….it wasn’t to be. Soon though, I do have to meet Muppet and eat your wonderful food so……

  1. You’ve been working so hard, enjoy a much needed vacation! Very much looking forward to hearing about your travels.

  2. SO excited for you, Ozoz!! 🙂 I’ve never been to New York so I will excitedly look forward to your pictures and stories. 🙂

  3. You will never get enough of NYC-It is one of the most amazing cities in the world. If you get the opportunity to feel its soul, it will be life changing experience. NYC to me is like standing in the middle of the world.

    Empire State of Mind was one my favorite songs- Alicia Keyes and JayZ, they have NYC soul.


    btw, Colorado and Utah that s pretty nice too.

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