Life is funny. All of the last two weeks, I’ve moaned about my poor internet connection – I haven’t been able to browse, blog or do all the stuff I would normally do. 

And then yesterday, there was a plane crash in my country, Nigeria. So many people gone – and now my poor internet connection seems trivial, inconsequential. How vulnerable we are. But the most surprising thing is….life goes on. People walk about, cry, live and its not as if they don’t grieve but they have to go on still.

I’m trying to grieve but its hard.  I feel this deep stillness, a greyness, a heaviness that sits heavy in my stomach. Relatives of my friends died in the crash but no one I knew personally but still I am saddened at the dead dreams, the hopes that will live no more and the friends and family that are still in shock! May God give them strength to go on, and soothe their aching hearts.

But it could have been me, it could have been anyone – that’s the scary part. 

Two weeks ago I was meant to travel to Lagos, from Port Harcourt where I live, only an hour away. I was meant to fly with the very airline that crashed. Sure, it was two weeks ago and I ended up not going – I was at the airport for hours, the flight was delayed and I got fed up, so I packed my bags and went home. 

Life holds us all in its palm, in its care and neither queen nor pauper is shielded from life. Life has a lot to offer, still.

Please say a prayer for the bereaved.

Lots of love X  X X

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  1. This is tragic news…I can’t imagine the shock and grief of the families and friends who suddenly lost a loved one. You are so right, it could have been anyone and we just don’t know what each moment will hold for us. It’s a brutal reminder to savor and live each day well. Hug your loved ones tightly.

  2. I heard about this. And heard also that the plane that crashed had flown for Alaska Airlines, and had a troubled history of its own. Makes me want to say so many things about the Empire’s Old Clothes, as some feeble way of making sense of what is eternally fated to be non-sensical, impenetrable. In life’s palm, yes indeed. But also by that in the palms of so many others who could– and who should– Well. We all know. So very, very tragic.

  3. Thank you all for your thoughts and care for Nigeria and also for thinking of me. I’m busying my hands and my head, hugging and kissing my kids constantly and trying to live. Really live. Lots of love

  4. My heart is full for those who are grieving after such a terrible tragedy. It is difficult to understand. When I find myself heavy with pain I busy my hands. My mind and heart always seem to follow. It is then that I begin to live in the present moment again.

  5. I thought about you when I heard about this crash and was hoping that none of your family or friends were on that flight. So many makes me really sad :'(

  6. Oz,

    Like you, I grieve for the loss of the lives on that plane but on a personal note I greive because my friend’s brother was on that flight and every time I see his name on the victims list, it is very painful. I wonderful how much pain my friend and her family feel if I feel this way. I just pray God comfort every one involved like only Him can.

  7. I’m so deeply sorry to hear of this, dear Oz. I can only imagine how your heart is breaking for your countrymen. I’m so glad you and your dear ones are safe. XO

  8. Terrible news…I am so sorry. It is a traumatic thing for every one in the country whether you knew people on the plane or not. I am keeping Nigeria in my prayers.

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