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See What Heaven Sent….

by on December 15, 2012

Good evening, America.

Looked what heaven sent, right before Christmas.


My nephew and I

The day began like any other winter morning in the city. Leaves whitened with frost stayed still as yellow school buses coasted streets and avenues.


Ice-sheeted leaves and stems

Pigeons and children, hatted and mitted, school bags on backs, went on the sidewalks as winter’s sun cast its coppery glow on brick walls.


Sunlight’s copper glow

The sun arose in majesty as we drove on to the hospital.


Hours later, at 1.06 pm, (New York Time) and a son is born. My nephew, who inspired my daughter to leave a comment on my blog, in response to a message to have a look at my AMEX photo. She said, (without so much as saying ‘Mama you look good’) ‘mama where is the picture of David’. No punctuation at the end, no intial capitalisation, no seeking me….no, just her cousin.

So now you know his name.

Born David. English. Norma insists it should be David, Spanish. I say let’s go with David. French. And the mother, my sister just gives me weird looks. Saying with her eyes and mouth, you have no business choosing his name!



He’s here.

Weighing in at 6.9 pounds, 19.5 inches long with gorgeous blue brown eyes.


To go into the theatre with her, I had to put on scrubs,… (Out of  all the medical dramas – ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ included)

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… take off my thick Girls Scouts hoodie (I was living the Boy’s Scouts motto) ‘Be Prepared’.


…pose with the operating staff and generally look serious. In scrubs.


Once he came, I quickly ascended to ‘favourite aunt’. Eat that I say to  my other sisters, eat that :-).

I couldn’t give up my ‘all-time’ job of foodie for medical science. The theatre was….interesting! So much going on, radio on, with doctors quietly focusing on the task at hand. Its all in a day’s work!

Sadly, a tragedy in Connecticut was playing out and we had no idea till long after David was born. My thoughts and prayers are with the families affected and a community so badly shaken, only a few days before Christmas.  God be with them – please keep them in your thoughts and prayers too.

These photos are as much as for me as they are for our family back home in Nigeria.

Stay well and thanks for all your kind wishes.