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Sweet Utah Scones

by on June 19, 2012

I heard the call over the public address system at the store while getting lunch – ‘sweet Utah scones, with different toppings’….and I needed no encouragement – field work has a way of making you hungry and these will satisfy any sugar cravings, and squash that feeling of homesickness that is slowly creeping up on me.

These scones are nothing like their British namesake however – they are a chewy, yeast-leavened treat that are wonderful topped with honey butter, chocolate sauce, or strawberry cream cheese….or all of them, all at once!


They remind me of doughnuts and yet taste different, have more stretch and are on my Sunday Brunch list! I know the kids would love ’em.

I’ve also tried biscuits and gravy, apparently they are not the preserve of the American South. These hits are also similar to British scones but are typically served with Sausage patties and country-style gravy, which is thick and creamy. Also they are crumblier than Britsih scones and less sweet.

Once again, my eyes are open to the fact that one name means different things in different places.


The Bookcliffs are awesome – everyday I spot a sculpture in the rock face…..a few days ago, it was this turtle head! I’ve seen lions and cats and other rock animals, even an alligator. Or was it a crocodile now?


And this photo is for my wonderful family…..I’m missing you all! Lots of love.

20120619-003337.jpg[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Sweet Utah Scones – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]