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Reasons to Believe: Happy Macaron Day

by on March 20, 2012

Imagine that? A day celebrating the delicate beauties that ‘macarons’  are?

Not that I’ve attempted them recently……but I still love ’em, with heart and soul.

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Dutch Queen's Day Macarons

In Paris, where holidays are done right, it’s Jour du Macaron, and about eight hours ago, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren woke up singing a lovely song about pastel-colored magic then promptly flooded les rues with their best patisserie-heat-seeking game in tow. 

This is a reason to believe, there’s room for everything in this world, a space, a slot, a worthy corner for cupcakes, and whoopie pies, tray bakes and macarons too!


Mexican Chocolate Macarons with Chillies

I say ‘God created the world, But Ladurée  and Pierre Hermé  ‘created’ Macarons’

This crazy holiday of all holidays was created by the Yoda of the modern macaron, Pierre Hermé

I doff my heart X X X



Did I say Happy Spring? Lots of beauty, sunshine and laughter….and rain to refresh things a touch!

Broken, but not abandoned

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