1. Oz,

    Bravo! Congratulations! Standing ovation! Tip my hat off to you girl! You are on great food & art DIVA! Very creative. I just visited to check if you have any Nigerian stew recipe here and Gillof rice for Leo. Did I spell it right? = )

    I now see where you invest all your time. It’s all worthwhile! Good luck and more power to you! I will tell Leo to share some recipes with you… would you like that???

    Hope to see you again sometime this year! love you!


  2. Thanks for all your comments and thumbs up for the new header, I ♥ it too! Have a superb 2011 everyone.

    @A Canadian Foodie – Jean Sanders of Fine Art Daily created my new banner http://jeandsanders.blogspot.com/

    @Krista, Danish Lass – sorry dear, it was so hectic with friends visiting……Hope we can meet up soon

  3. Happy New Year to you too, dear Oz! I’m so sad we weren’t able to meet up on my trip this time, but I hope to be back in Amsterdam in a few months, and hopefully we can have a good visit then. 🙂 Biggest of hugs to you!!

  4. Happy New Year! You’ve cleaned up your front page and got a new header…it’s perfect…represents you so well! Stay tuned to mine, it is changing also!

  5. I love your new header! It is gorgeous! Who did it for you!
    Happy Happy New Year to you!
    I cannot wait to get home to cook. We are currently in Banff and it is exceedingly gorgeous here. I do not commune with Nature enough, and must do more. It lifts the spirit so!

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