Still Here

Checking in…..what can I say. Sorry? Pray for me? I’m slugging away…..

Have you moved before?


358 brown boxes have…..turned to dust. Mostly. There’s stuff everywhere. Terrifying it is.

My hands and red eyes bear the marks.

I had serious plans, tales of New York bagels and Fresh Nigerian stews. Admittedly some cooked before my tropical arrival. Did I mention anything about the ‘Anatomy of an Artichoke’?


Flank steak and more flank steak. But cardboard is stronger than mental might.


We have a home…..2 weeks ago, it was just a house. And now pictures bedeck walls painted white.

Internet. What’s that my home asks? We’re not yet connected….yours truly hasn’t been able to sort something out between work and ‘play’.

Our dinners have not been fancy nancy – instant noodles, with delicious bread to boot has graced bowls and platters. We’re having family dinners or ‘food meetings’  as a certain 4 year old man says.


Most importantly, my kids still believe I can cook.

I’m a touch terrified….can I still bake? Time will tell.

In the interim – I hope you’re well.

I miss you XXX[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Still Here – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Oh I destest moving, so much emotional, draining work. Stopping by quickly to send abrazos!! Have been out of the loop, but wanted to let you know I still adore your blog!!

  2. Moving is so exhausting…physically and mentally. My thoughts are with you and your family. Thank you for sharing with us regardless. I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of baking and eating and relaxation

  3. So good to hear from you, and I don’t envy you the move. Family eating together…so cute “food meetings”.. which we were able to enjoy last night, usually my husband is working late. But simple meals aren’t all bad, many instand noodles here too, and we haven’t moved in 18 years! Of course I miss you, but will still be here when you get back.

    Take care,

    • Thanks Lyndsey, my Dutch – American connection. Finally, I’m shirking the cloak of instant noodles – we graduated to pizza tonight (finding a place we like has been tough) and I’m not yet up to making some. Lots of love

  4. I miss you heaps and heaps, dear Oz!! And will be here ready for your return whenever you emerge from the dust and cardboard and delightful “food meetings.” 🙂 I wish I could have a food meeting with you in your new home. 🙂 Biggest of hugs, dear friend! And much love. XO

    • Love you loads Krista. Everytime I have mandarin peel in my water in the office, my colleagues look at me strangely (as though I were mad) but they don’t know I’m hugging my friend thousands of miles away. And feeling refreshed. Big hugs and all my love

  5. The blogosphere is quiet without you, love, but family first. Look forward to catching up when you’re ready. As you might say, it is well. 🙂

    • Yes Celia dear, it is well. Gives me courage and hope. Thanks for your kind wishes.

      Oyster C, I think by the next move (and it will happen), I’ll be an old hand. The only time I’d moved before was when I finished University in the UK and returned home to my grounding post…but then I was single, with nary a care in the world. Different now. Thanks for your encouragement.

  6. Focus on home and the rest will come. I’ve moved more times than I can remember and its never fun, but oh the feeling of joy when that last item is put in its place. I wish that feeling for you.

  7. I have a horror of things. Nothing terrifies me more than having to unpack and arrange the contents of a brown box – let alone hundreds. Hang on in there my friend…we’ll be waiting for you to emerge (butterfly like).

  8. Miss you too, Ozoz. Nice to know you are well, and that you’re getting settled it. Don’t worry, all your fans will be here when life settles a bit and you can again start to fly as our Kitchen Butterfly. – S

  9. Thats how life rolls. Sometimes it bumps into things then ventures back onto its course. Glad to see your move is coming along. I was surprised to see you on here so soon after a big move like that. You’ll find your rhythm soon and hopefully inspiration to cook another meal for us to enjoy with you through your artistic visions and words.

  10. I moved many times as a child – twice being overseas and back again but we didn’t relocate all of our belongings with those overseas moves, with things going into storage before we left and inheriting secondhand furniture and homewares when we arrived. But moving was always an upheaval for this little girl who longed for stability and stable friends.

    It will feel more homely soon, trust me, just give it some time =)

    • Thanks Mademoiselle D – comforting to know. I can imagine that the moves were traumatic…though liberating – not having all the stuff you’d gotten used to. But somehow paving way for new things. Thanks sweetie

  11. I remember twice I moved my office and myself in the same weekend. The nightnares still haunt me.

    Take one box at a time and I will wait patiently for your delicious and inspiring posts.

  12. Moving is so tough–but glad that you are settling in and you’re on the home side of the divide between house and home. I’ve moved countries, but never with children, and merely me, that was tough enough. Looking forward to future posts when you’re ready, and as for cooking I’m sure you still have it!

  13. Eagerly awaiting your upcoming posts. It’s so important to get a house feeling like a home, you obviously have your priorities right. I’m impressed that you have time for even a little update! The bagels look divine!

  14. Nigerian stews? ohhh that sounds interesting! I hope we will see a recipe for sth like that one day. In the meantime, congratulations on moving to your new home! Oh and don’t worry, you can still cook and you can still bake, I don’t have any doubts about that! 🙂

    • Caroline – stew recipe is even written up….its in drafts. Thanks dear for the reassurance that I can still cook and bake. Today I turned my oven on…to warm pizza. Hopefully, the next time I do so, it will be to bake a cake! LOL

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