Reunited – My Camera & I

What joy it is to hold my camera again


If I could bottle up the excitement I feel


…it would be more sparkling than Prosecco….But all I can do is share photos

Of biting mosquitoes


And autumn colours.


Isn’t life good?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Reunited – My Camera & I – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Lovely pictures! I broke my arm…so I can’t type much but wanted to know that I’m still reading your lovely blog. You make me smile, as always. Blessings and love!

    • Hi Sally dear, Rhonda – I feel I must talk about my camera saga. I had a canon G10 till May 2011 when it dies, exhausted after 2 years of intense use.

      Then my friend of Comme un Chef gifted me with her old Nikon D40, complete with lens (18-55mm). It broke days before we got on a plane home to Nigeria so I had to leave it behind to be fixed.

      A few days ago, a colleague of mine came over from the Netherlands and brought it for me!!!

      I also have a new lens which I haven’t begun to use yet; its a 35mm f1.8G, for close ups. I am looking forward to experimenting once I’m settled in our new home. Thanks

  2. So glad to see your back on track!! Your photos are all gorgeous! I love your line about excitement….I think I might be borrowing that some time!!

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