Wordless Monday: Farm fresh Strawberries

Buddha's hand strawberry
Regular looking strawberry
Beautiful strawberry

These strawberries come from our weekly drive-by farmer, grown on his farm. I love the weirdness of some of the strawberries – imperfect can be beautiful too, like me…and you.

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  1. Our Creator has a great sense of humor with strawberries and our bodies, all beautiful in their differences, well said Ozoz!

    • Yep, still I wish I was slimmer…and a tad bit taller, guess my girls will make it up, for me with their tall genes from their Papa!

  2. The odd-shaped ones are always more interesting than the perfect ones! Too bad we don’t seem to apply this outlook on women always wanting them to look picture perfect!

  3. Such beautiful shapes and color. I just had a bowl of strawberries last night, and they were divine. I’m sure these were even better.

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