Top of the Props….and my first GIVEAWAY!

Hey Houston, we have a PROPLEM…

Too much of a…For when it comes to the acquisition of props…..I am shameless.

As the Bible says ‘Confess your sins, one before another, that you might find forgiveness and healing’ and so brothers and sisters, I stand before you today, baring my soul and saying….I have a serious addiction.

Dear LordDo you?

Now if I had to describe my philosophy (if you can call it that) to acquiring things to take pretty pictures, it is essentially BEG. BORROW (COLLECT). STEAL. BUY

And since the ‘Beg’ front is the one with the highest potential for embarrassment, I’ll start with that.

I BEG for props.

See this cookie tin? Before I arrived, it was destined for a bin at Copenhagen airport. Thanks to me, it was rescued from that horrible fate and now lives at ours…. Doesn’t it look good in pink?

Well, I thought so, right from the start. Hmmm, the lid however was long discarded by the shop……further convincing that it was truly meant for me (especially since they were going to throw it away…anyway).

IMG_6434The acquisition – I walked into the shop, saw the tin and loved it. However, I didn’t want to buy a whole tin of cookies cause I would have had to eat them and so spotting an almost empty one, I explained to the lady my purpose in life – all things food, gave her a card and took it, lidless.


And see those bottles? Well I also have one of them :

IMG_3458Requested rather nicely from the gentleman who was going to throw away the empty ones.

IMG_3464These cute serving plates, I collected, rather voraciously (as did others mind you).

IMG_2617I shouldn’t have bothered for by the following morning, after a wash the nice silver layer had stripped off, leaving rather ugly, patchy petit four dishes.

IMG_2642This one on the other hand, bearing a delicious quail’s leg (which I did consume) still resides in my kitchen cupboard. Granted, it hasn’t been used….yet but it will come in handy soon!

IMG_7933Or this box – also from Copenhagen, filled with Clementines at my friend’s. She’s also a foodie so she quite understood – one of my very few shame-free begging ventures.

IMG_5666Finally on this front are these leaf plates. The minute I spotted them at a function, I KNEW I had to have them, but common sense pulled me away.

*Spoiler – I did get them in the end* – find out how!

IMG_2093Anyhow, feeling desperate and speaking to a friend on the phone at the same time, I told her about my irrational desire for the plates and we both agreed it was quite silly. But I couldn’t sit still and so I went again towards the object of my affections (at that time at least) and on the way, encountered a lady. The minute I saw her I broke out into the largest smile I’d had in a longgggggggggg time, for in her hand, she stood bearing a stack of the exact same plates I was after. Of course, I stopped her for a short interview, which went ‘Why do you have those plates?’ and the response was ‘I like them!’

Talk about ♪♫ to my ears! (I am really into emoticons…♥)

After sharing my proplem with her, I headed with renewed confidence to acquire mine…and that I did – the gracious hosts bid me take what I wanted! Needless to say my shawl came in handy, shielding and protecting my newly acquired props from the glaring eyes of the public. Destination – my handbag! Oh…along with some wooden forks too.

The plates are quite special……

IMG_2088They are:

  • Single-use disposable plates
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • 100% chemical free
  • Light weight
  • Strong enough to withstand forks and knives
  • Can be used to serve hot food and soup.
  • Can be used in an oven up to 200 degrees C. for 3 mins
  • Can be used to store food in a refrigerator
  • Liquid food like Soups and ketchup can be served

I absolutely ♥ them….watch me use them….soon!

On the BORROW side, well, I have Daughter #1 to thank for her Monkey, which provided a gracious prop for some delicious Banana bread.

Monkey sideTo share

As do I have A to thanks, for granting me use of her beautiful wallpaper – which I stripped off the walls in my new weekend role as ‘building helper’. I guess this could very well go in the buy category since I didn’t get paid for stripping the walls but humour me, ok?

IMG_2100I also ‘collected’ some marble slabs from a quarry in Germany…a few months ago!


And the last category of ‘BUY’…is the one fast becoming a major issue and not because of the money involved ( I am a CAREFUL shopper – so much so that I miss out on some sale goods, due to my constant thinking/planning before buying philosophy!) but because of space!

IMG_1691These days, I give serious consideration to what my husband’s reactions are likely to be as well, before I purchase something. Take this mini glasses for instance, Arroz con Leche looked mighty good in them…and they hardly take any space, stacked!


I also highly prize my collection of curios, picked up at all manners of sales and shops.

IMG_0667 IMG_0661

And there you have it, the word is OUT. You all know my secrets……but I know, I’m SOOOOOOOOOO not alone.

And since sharing is one of my favourite things to do, I’d like to share this with you. As in….give this away! And EVERYONE, regardless of where you live is allowed to participate!

IMG_1876And no, it’s not empty.

IMG_1919Inside you will find all manners of ‘gifts’, which would be great in the kitchen…and also in photos. Your choice to use them as you will….. They’are all NEW.

IMG_1892In the box, you’ll find:

  • 2 mini-woks, which I love to use as servers
  • 2 silver candle bowls,….which I will use as bowls for olives or nuts….especially for a Middle Eastern meal
  • Some disposable leaf plates
  • Some cutlery – wooden, transparent
  • White egg spoons
  • Pieces of Fabric
  • Some coloured paper
  • Beaded coasters
  • And of course, the lovely box they all come in.

IMG_1926 So here, you have your props….

IMG_1899 IMG_1904IMG_1893 IMG_1895

….And some chops (word for ‘food’ in Nigeria), including Tonka  Beans, Aleppo pepper (used in Middle Eastern delights like Muhammara), Some Dutch mints, which I like, and anything else I can think off before I mail the box off!

IMG_1907That’s my first giveaway, which begins today and is open to everyone, everywhere.

Note that country restrictions may prevent me from sending some items.

e.g If the winner lives in Australia, I won’t be able to include the ‘tree’ products. I’ve watched enough episodes of the ‘Airport’ to know better! And I would think twice about sending the Tonka beans to the States too but everything else should be fine……

The Rules

Leave 1 comment: tell me something about props – a story, a tip, a joke, anything.

For 2 comments: Tweet about it…and encourage others to do so please and leave another comment to let me know you’ve done this, that will count as a second entry.

A winner will be selected, using the Random Number Generator at and will be announced on Sunday evening.


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  1. You are quite a masterful re-puropeser (if thats a word). I personally have just started using props in my pics. I find it difficult making up vignettes and photography and all that, but i guess its part of being a food blogger. My preferred pictures are just on white backgrounds, but the food porn pages like foodgawker and tastespotting dont always like that stuff.

  2. I scour for mini pots and cutleries they serve inedible airplane food in for bento making props…and eco foodstalls for pretty wooden sporks :).I love your collection!!

  3. About props: not only to have currently own 3 cake plates, but I have registered (for my wedding) for a good 6 more. I’m nuts! But I can’t get enough cake plates. I think they are so fun and great to use when serving food to guests. Did I mention I live in a small apartment? Not so conducive to cake plate collecting, but oh well. I would love to have more props!

  4. oooh, i love collecting props — it’s my newest phase in food (bento) blogging! thanks so much for having this generous contest! (and i just tweeted the link!)

  5. ooh, props are great for blog photography, and I’m so bad about setting up the shot. I love the stories behind all yours. You have a gift 🙂 Thanks for this offer!

  6. What a fun giveaway. I hit the fabric store this week for props and focused on the “remnants” bin — the bits of fabric left unsold. For around $6 US, I got 8 new pieces of fabric to make into “napkins” or backgrounds. (You can see my newly acquired burlap in my post on chicken white bean casserole). I’ll have to try that begging!

  7. I am so bad at props. seriously. my props consist of free platters I was given, a table, and a tablecloth. i am in desperate need of a prize pack like this one.

    and and i’ve already left a burn mark on my table from hot food that I placed on it by accident. 🙁

  8. What a fun giveaway! What food blogger wouldn’t be dying to get their hands on this prize? Two of my favorite places to look for props are in the remnant bins at fabric/craft stores and at secondhand stores.

  9. I have a horrible obsession with cook books. When I give gifts that is usually what I give. I joined a book club a few years back and every so often they have a sale. I get all the pricey ones in my wish list for 10$ a piece. Then when `i’m in the states I have to deal with bringing them back in my luggage. It’s worth it to me though. As far as wanting something really bad. I confess I save up to buy Polish pottery here at the warehouse.

  10. Recently in Istanbul I became so fixated on a bowl that I wanted to use for a rosewater semifreddo picture that I ended up being cajoled into buying three different sizes by a whily trader in the Grand Bazaar!

    Great blog, lovely pictures.

  11. Ozoz, what a great idea! I did not know you had a prop fetish…I guess then I could confess that my philosophy and fetish, which I often say to my friends and family is that you can never have too many prints, platters and cookbooks.

  12. what a clever idea for a giveaway! everything is lovely — would be a treat to win.



    p.s. just popped on to your blog for the first time today, and can’t wait to visit more often!

  13. I too have an unnatural obsession with props. My only limiting factor is that I don’t have enough space for too many. But this box is AWESOME! not only the props, but tonka beans? Cool!

  14. What funny stories of acquiring props! I’ve caught the bug myself recently and am having all kinds of fun hunting for props. It’s addictive!

  15. Oooh, I can never have enough props. My ghetto studio got so cluttered that I got my husband to buy a big set of drawers which he has almost finished putting together so that it keeps things relatively tidy. That’s my tip. 😉

  16. Oh Oz! I’m always on the lookout for props (my main difficulty is lack of storage for everything – but I would find a place to put your collection of props if I got them!)

    Would you believe that my currently most-used prop is the tote bag we got at FBC – I sit things on it to give a nice neutral cream background, works better than using something that’s stark white…

  17. I love making things pretty! Also, that feeling of perfection when every prop is in it’s right place and OMG!…a lightbulb goes off and then your heart smiles…perfection!


    P.S. thanks for the tip….very nice giveaway! Congrats on your first!

  18. Wow, what a wonderful giveaway Oz!
    I constantly work on expanding my collection of props and this little “hobby” of mine spread among my family and friends very quickly. As a result, most of christmas presents I got were different kinds of props! And my grandmother offered me I could choose anything I want at hers! You can imagine how pleased I was. You can also imagine how “happy” P. was when all our luggage were full of my props instead of wine we usually bring back from Prague! 😉

  19. Congrats on your fab collection of collectibles as I call them. I find propr everywhere, and Man Friday who works for me is very perplexed when he sees me lovingly polishing old battered metals bowls. I am now the family’s officila dumping ground…whoever has anything remotely old & ‘not shiny’ wil promptly pack it off for me! And I love it! My latest addition is a wooden writing board! Cracked, but I love it!
    This is a beautiful giveaway Oz…full of character & so much feeling. LOVE it! If I win, (which I never do sadly), I shall gladly pay for the shipping!
    Take care my dear! Much love

  20. Oz,I’m sure most of us will be able to relate ourselves to your story- the greedy glance at all things proptastic. A bit scruffy? No problem, will wash it up. And it takes up so much of my cupboard space too. I’ve been a very good girl lately, and have tried my hardest to keep away from the temptation, don’t know if I can do that for long though 🙂 And yes, I even ransack the kids rooms.

    What a great give away, Oz, and can you see the pair of greedy eyes 😉

  21. What an original giveaway! Thanks for organising it!

    Charity shops are fantastic for props, I find. I feel like this is an addiction I could develop pretty quickly soon! At the mo, I’m just managing to contain it. In favour of the cookery book addiction, that is!

  22. I’m in splits reading about your “obsession/ problem” or whatever you’d call it! Sounds suspiciously like something I know someone else has (just under very tight control at this time!) LOL

    We have lots of handicraft exhibitons going on here and its come to point where my daughter now points to something and says, “wouldlook great in your pictures!”. 🙂

    Btw, those biodegradable plates come from my state in India.

  23. Oz, slap me, pinch me or kiss me or squeeze me if you want (psss…I prefer the last 2 pls) … I just realized who you are. My silly brain belatedly just made the connection between Oz and kitchenbutterfly. I feel like I’m turning into an air-head as I get older. I love your giveaway and tweet your post I did. 🙂

    ps: lately I have been ransacking my MIL’s kitchen and attic. She has lots more stuff than I do.

  24. I’m starting to learn how to take good pictures and use whatever I can find in my house as props like my leftover curtain or fabrics or my daughter’s teddy in my amareti post and her tiara in Galette des Rois. Every time she sees these two posts, she feels so proud to be part of my blog and of course seeing her toys on my blog. 🙂

  25. This is a wonderful gift. You are so creative which is why you make such good use of props.

    You got me thinking of props and I have some odds and ends, a small school bell, a clock that looks like a school, little figures and such. Those are my props.

  26. PMG Ozoz you are the prop queen and inspiration! My story? I recently went to JP’s office holiday party where they served finger foods including tiny little verrine desserts in cute plastic mini verrines.I ate one then two verrines and kept the cups. Then started going around collecting the empties left on the tables by others. Finally one of the women I know came up to me and I told her what I was doing (she actually reads my blog, she got me a paper bag to collect them in and told me whenever they had things like this at the office she’d save stuff for me.

    You also have to know that I am Mrs. Boss. Husband is the big boss and I am supposed to act the part, be perfect, etc. I snuck around so he wouldn’t find out and get mad. His employees must’ve thought I was the Crazy American Wife of the Boss. LOL!

    This is an exceptional giveaway Ozoz!

  27. I never thought at all about props, except when involved with a play (as in Community Theater, etc.)until, that is, I began blogging about food. Now, when I go in a shop, there it is in the back of my mind, what a good prop that would make!

  28. I’m always on the hunt for props, it drives my husband crazy, but my daughters are totally into it. They gave me blog props for Christmas. Great give away!

  29. This is such a generous giveaway. Thank you for giving us a chance to win. 🙂

    I sell vintage clothing & housewares on Etsy so I’m *always* on the lookout for props to jazz up my photos. As a matter of fact… I have a bargain hunting trip planned for tomorrow. Yay!

  30. You can well imagine I am a prop monster. I have vintage props from my late Grandma; chintz plates, cake stands, baking dishes and trays etc etc. I have modern props from various department store sales; recently I have found handmade glasses in House of Fraser for under a pound and a load of edible canape spoons. Well it would be rude not to. And when I got home there were TWO Cath Kidston mugs in the bag that I’d not bought! That’s just prop-tastic. I collect giftwrap rolls for backgrounds in my pictures, my favourite one at the moment is the Emma Bridgewater blue stars that I’ve just used in my Daring Bakers Nanaimo bars pics. It’s a good job we have a cellar…

    Fabulous giveaway… I was hoping to post one tonight to go live tomorrow but I have been up late ganaching an Arsenal themed birthday cake and cannot spare the time until next week. Incredible you are doing this big stuff worldwide, I hope your parcel is under 2 kilos as the price goes through the roof over that level by Royal Mail and I imagine Nederlands Mail is similar rate.

    Oh and I have done a special tweet for you too. ((HUGS))

  31. Coming from the Twitter contraption.

    I’m jumping in, because your blog has fantastic pictures! And such a nice giveaway!

    I’m also a friend of Krista, who has fabulous taste, thus I double like your blog!

    Have a great day!

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