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On being published: ‘Foodies of the World’

by on October 3, 2010

Thanks for your support and wonderful comments – at the moment, our internet access is scuppered/broken/not working plus I’m out of country from Wednesday – in Paris 🙂 till the weekend, sans husband and kids  attending a conference and looking for piment d’esplette! Thank you so, so, so much.

Love,  Oz


I’m not at all surprised that it was an Aussie publishing house that ‘launched’ my recipes into the world of print. Ladies and Gentlemen, as of the 1st of October, 2010 I am proud to say I’ve been published by The Slattery Media Group. A dream I skirted about in this delicious post. A dream which has now come true.

And just before you get the idea that I’ll now be rolling in $$$$, I will if you buy the book :-). This cookbook has 2 of my recipes, the other 98+ recipes from other gorgeous food blogs. I say gorgeous even though I haven’t seen the final copy = it only launched on the 1st of October, symbolic in the fact that the same date is Nigeria’s Independence day. But I still am THRILLED to the high heavens because my dream this year was to get into the sphere of writing proper and to slowly start building a portfolio.

In the words of the editors/publishers:


‘Foodies of the World is a collection of profiles and recipes from the best blogs around the world. It compiles the greatest recipes, with the sweetest stories, from the best bloggers into one handy guidebook and recipe collection. As the blogs selected come from all over the world (India, France, USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Estonia and Turkey are represented so far), the recipes will cover a variety of cuisines and courses. The overall tone is one of community, and sharing your love of cooking with the world. Its quality, complete and beautifully real’ design will inspire the reader to spend time in their own kitchen’.

My connection to Australia has been there for the last 12 years. My Nigerian friend, E who now lives in Copenhagen, moved there over a decade ago and she opened my eyes to the beauty of the country – think beaches, Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong, the Sydney Opera house and the Australian Women’s Weekly cookbooks. I even considered going to university there but opted for sunny, windy, cold and rainy Liverpool instead. How come? And then I have  few good Aussie pals – both at work and in the blogosphere who only make me long for more of that countrinent (country-continent).

And I figure this cookbook cum guide, available to buy takes me a few steps closer to my dreams of visiting Australia, if nothing else. Thank you dear readers for inspiring me, for your constant care and ♥ – food is a part of my reality and having people to share it with makes it very special. Thank you.



WhatFoodies of the World book, contains over 100 recipes.

Where can I find it to buy: Online, via the Slattery Media shop (cheapest for Aussie citizens I would guess)!

Thank you for all your support and *clink*, here’s to more good news soon for us all.

Love, Oz

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