Month: June 2010


On Flavoured Oils: Kumquat Oil

The kumquat is of the genus citrus Fortunella sensu stricto and cousin to other citruses – oranges, lemons and limes sensu lato. Its name might lure you into considering a friendship, if not familial bond with that other homophone of a fruit, the loquat but fear not, they have no ties that bind unlike its […]


It could happen to you…too

Light She held her red scarf, and lovingly wrapped it around her waist for the rest of the day, shielding her fat, naked thigh from the piercing eyes of the world. It was a tragedy, pure and simple that this could ever have happened to her. In the same moment though, she was thankful that […]

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Cooking with Fruit: Loquats

Or Mispels according to the Dutch. Also known as Japanese medlar, not to be confused with that other sort of fruit, also called medlar, requiring rotting and bletting to reach edible status. It took me a year to find out what the English name for Mispels was. I first came across them in a market […]

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Wordless Monday: Farm fresh Strawberries

These strawberries come from our weekly drive-by farmer, grown on his farm. I love the weirdness of some of the strawberries – imperfect can be beautiful too, like me…and you. For more Wordless photos on Kitchen Butterfly, see my Wordless category For more Wordless photos on the main Wordless Wednesday, visit the Wordless Wednesday blog.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Wordless […]