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My All-American food box and awards….

by on January 23, 2010

My Foodie box

IMG_1126I first met Velva of Tomatoes on the Vine when I was weeks old into blogging. I did a Google search for Dutch Delights…..or something similar and found her and we became ‘friends’, kidding about how we could have walked past each other on Dutch streets without knowing it for only a few weeks before, she had been over to the Netherlands from the US on holiday.

IMG_1117Of course, with ‘friends’, some secrets cannot remain without outting like….I’ve never had ‘Mac n Cheese’ – oh yes, Me, Oz, Ozoz, call me what you may, I’ve lived…and not had ‘Mac n Cheese’.

IMG_1124Velva’s shock was apparent and so she decided to send me a foodie goodie box full of greats like…

Craisins, which are going to go on some wonderful fennel and orange salad….not yet made but I can already taste it.

IMG_1111And Starbucks coffee…which my husband’s been enjoying like crazy…he actually overdosed on it. This weekend, I’m making myself a mug…with/without filter paper and enjoying it with some sugar, noting that I have only had sugar in a drink once this year!

IMG_1106And when I said I wasn’t overly enthused about my Pumpkin bread using homemade Pumpkin puree…

IMG_7025….She said maybe I’d get better results from Libbys….and I’m willing to try. Infact I have 2 fantastic pumpkin recipes I’m itching to try…one involves Ice-cream of sorts!

IMG_1112My entire family is enjoying the All-American goodies. Promise to share some recipes in the coming weeks….and months :-). Note that I do know how to be a miser – like the sister who always had her piece of chocolate when everyone else was done eating theirs!

Thank you Velva…you rock! Especially since I’ve now both read and seen the famous kisses….Hershey’s up close!

IMG_1109And the awards….

Finally, I have all my answers ready for

1) Mademoiselle délicieuse of spoons, forks & chopsticks ‘Over The Top award‘!

over the top

According to the rules of this award, I must provide readers with the answers to the thirty-five questions below in one word. I also must thank my award-giver for this fun award (Thank you once again, Forager!) and grant six of my favourite bloggers this award, then give them the heads-up that they have been nominated.

Thank you Mademoiselle D!

Where is your cell phone? Depends
Your hair? Thick
Your mother? Nigeria
Your father? Dead
Your favourite food? Not Celery
Your dream last night? Blank
Your favourite drink? Horchata or Watermelon Juice…sorry!
Your dream/goal? $$$$$$$
What room are you in? Living room
Your hobby? Do’ing
Your fear? Not do’ing
Where do you want to be in six years? Foodwriter
Where were you last night? Home
Something that you aren’t? Heartless
Muffins? Wholewheat? Yes!
Wish list item? Photo Props…..
Where did you grow up? Warri, Nigeria
Last thing you did? Blog.
What are you wearing? Pyjamas
Your TV? On
Your pets? None – I’m African 🙂
Friends? Few
Your life? Transitioning
Your mood? Hopeful
Missing someone? Yes
Vehicle? Family auto – 7 seater!
Something you’re not wearing? Hair clips
Your favourite store? Home/Kitchen
Your favourite colour? A few
When was the last time you laughed? Now
Last time you cried? Today
Your best friend? Husband
One place that I go to over and over? Foodshops!
One person who emails me regularly? Hmmm, some family member
Favourite place to eat? Home

2) Nora, the Kitchen Splorer’s Happy 101 award!


Ten things which make my day:

  1. Healthy kids: No cough today – wey hey!!!!!!!!, Healthy Husband, Healthy..ish me
  2. Having dinner all worked out….the day before
  3. Planning weekend cooking and photographing and thinking of food props
  4. Crossing off things on my TTD (things to do) list
  5. Lunchtime strolls and ‘shopping’
  6. Sleeping early
  7. Planning holidays
  8. Catching up with my friends, by phone, f2f or email
  9. I’ll be honest – thoughts & comments on my blog!
  10. Being alive…..

I’d love to pass both awards:

My little Expat Kitchen

Demeter Made

Rambling Tart

Taste Hongkong

Butterfly Food



Thanks and have a super blessed weekend, in which I go for a sleepover with Girls Scouts with Daughter #1 – the prospect of cold, hard floors….far from appealing!!!!!!!!!!!!! X X X[wpurp-searchable-recipe]My All-American food box and awards…. – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]