Another Hollandwood plaque

Flickr…Thank you.

Through Flickr, I got one of my photos of St Stephen’s cathedral in  Vienna published in the 8th edition of the Schmap! I got an email one day asking if I’d like to submit my photo for the guide. If it got accepted they would let me know.

I had nothing to lose so I said yes and ….a few weeks later (yesterday), I got an email saying it was included in the guide. Paving stones to Hollandwood!

St Stephen's

Click here to see the guide.

I’m in celebratory mode – by which I mean, off to bed shortly. Yes, my celebrations these days are sleep, food, talk.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Another Hollandwood plaque – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. I know nothing about photography but I do know that this is a striking photo. Congratulations on your recognition. I think you well deserve it.

    I also love your recipes. I just found your blog and plan to visit often.

  2. Hey KB, thanks so much for the comment! I agree, wholemeal is the only way to go. I haven’t bought a loaf of white bread in years and rarely use white flour. We’re addicted to the wholesome nuttiness.

    The sugar is in there because I believe if you add it in in that process of the cooking, you can get away with far less syrup smothering when eating it!

    I’m an expat as well, so I see besides being foodies and our shared love of whole wheat we also have that in common!

    Great blog, so much good information here.

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