How to make a chicken from table napkins

Forgive me…but we agreed when we first met that this would be the place to share our thoughts, our hopes, disasters, successes and of course kitchen tricks! 

Finished chicken

So for this very reason, I bring to you the ‘ancient’ art of table-napkin/tea-towel folding – chicken-forming. If you’ve seen it before, please nod and move on swiftly by, perhaps the prospect of  chocolate chilli truffles might interest you. And if you haven’t seen this done before then sit back, relax and enjoy the guide!

Step-by-step guide to making a chicken from a table napkin/tea towel

#1: What you need: a table napkin/tea towel – preferably clean

Prepare your tea towel

#2: Form two half rolls

Start with one end and roll it halfway into the centre of the tea towel. Then roll the other end up to meet the first roll in the centre.

Now try not to make it too loose or too tight,
Get the balance right.

Are you loving my rhymes :-)…read on

Roll both ends inGet ready to fold

#3: The Fold

When that’s ready, holding it as in the photo, fold the roll in half along the length such that the rolled-up ends are on the outside 


#4: The set-up for the pull 

Now you should have 4 little rolls in your hand. Pull out the corners of each roll, as far out as possible while holding on tight to the base. Remember the warning and the rhyme in #2? If the rolls are too tight, it will be difficult (not impossible though) to get them out!

Pull inner corners out as far as possiblePull inner corners out as far as possibleReady

#5: The Finale 

As soon as the ends are pulled out, you’re ready for the grand prize: the creation of your very own tea-towel chicken. What you need to do for this to happen is to hold and stretch out the corner by pairs. PULL OUT…..NOW

Now for the second to last stepWhat it looks life just before

And that’s it – ready, finished, enough enjoyment for the evening. Let’s wait for our Tiramisu.

On displayReady 

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  1. I love the theme on your blog, I run a WordPress blog , and I would like to use this theme. Is it a free style, or is it custom?

  2. This is great Oz you have started a trend of epic proportions come party season the world is going to be awash with napkin chickens

  3. Alas Celia….not at all. I’ve been snagged for 7 years…almost to the day, with 3 gorgeous little uns to show for it 🙂 But the trick was impressive nevertheless

  4. I must admit, I’ve seen that before, but what I want to know is…is that the party trick the cute fella in the pics used to snare you? Grins.. Celia

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