Tell-tale signs of a Foodie…

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 27, 2009
I love food. I love blogging. I love food blogging! This weekend, I’m in London, connecting with other food bloggers. Excited is not the word I would use to describe how I feel…..the word hasn’t been invented yet! Today, I present my list of foodie facts…signs of food addiction. So, have you got the Food […]

No-cook Thanksgiving Desserts- gelato con olie e sale & gingered yoghurt

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 26, 2009
Dessert #1 is one of those recipes with high shock value – I think! It isn’t a combination that many people are used to and thanks to Jamie, I discovered it.

Thanksgiving Mains – Pork & Cider Risotto and Pork Hasselbacks

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 25, 2009
And if at first you don”t succeed Then dust yourself off and try again You can dust it off and try again, try again Cause if at first you don”t succeed You can dust it off and try again Dust yourself off and try again, try again (and again)   Try again by Aaliyah….and millions […]

Thanksgiving cakes – Apple Yogurt Cake and Flavoured Coffees

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 24, 2009
I love apple cake. Do you?

Thanksgiving wines: Beaujoulais nouveau..and wine poached pears

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 24, 2009
I’m smiling because today I’m in the spotlight on food52. Thanks Amanda and Merrill!

Roast Chestnut soup and Pearl balls

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 22, 2009
So, now that Sinterklaas is come and gone….at least till December 5th, I can get on with my life. And my Thanksgiving offerings. With joy too…because I found my sausage. Yes, serious. I bought it at the Italian stall at the Eten & Drinken 2010…and left it there. And I was a tad bit upset. […]

Sinterklass is here….in Wassenaar

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 21, 2009
We interrupt the Thanksgiving transmission to bring you breaking news – Sint is in TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swiss Bircher Muesli & other Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 20, 2009
I’m just me. I don’t have an Aunt Betty, so I can’t present you with her famous cranberry cobbler…neither do I have an Uncle Bert or Joe, to wow you with his beer-basted, flame grilled whole turkey, ready in just under X hours! Welcome to my world…and my thoughts for Thanksgiving.

Kumquat & Chestnut Rice Pudding Pie

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 16, 2009
Time and chance happeneth to all men….and that’s how we met. On a cold autumn’s day in a room full of serviettes, wood and glue, I made a choice and it was you….dear Kumquat. Your face printed so lovingly on branches, perfect for decoupage!