Yaji-Orange-Almond French Toast

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 19, 2016
One of the best French Toasts I ever had was made by Joel – Food lover, Photographer. He whipped up a delicious version with yaji and oranges that totally blew me away. Arguably, the best French Toast I’ve ever had! Thank you, Joel. He writes: My journey to the New Nigerian Kitchen began after Kitchen Butterfly, […]

Avocado-Suya Burger

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 23, 2016
All weekend, I’ve been thinking about this burger. Inspired by vegan burgers on @3.Bunnies Instagram’s account, I made a #NewNigerianKitchen, #Whole30 compliant version.   You hass to try one of our Teriyaki Avocado Burgers 🍔💚🙈 We took a small break away from social media to enjoy somebunny’s(Christina’s) birthday 🎁🎈 Sometimes it’s nice to fall off grid […]

GarauGarau: Yaji-Spiced Rice

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 27, 2016
I don’t know if GarauGarau originates from Garau, a place in Yobe state in the north of Nigeria but this rice dish is delicious and worthy of being the flagship dish for any city, state or region – in Nigeria and beyond. It reminds me of a similar-named dish in Indonesian Cuisine, Gado Gado, which I’ve enjoyed for […]

Get More Out of Your Yaji – 6 Things to do Apart from Sprinkling on Suya

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 14, 2016
Yaji, aka suya spice is a smoky, peanutty spice blend with great flavour and tenderising qualities. It is the dry rub that defines one of Nigeria’s best-known streetfood – Suya.  The peanuts in the blend are ground and ‘defatted’ (by wetting with water and pressing) to extract the oils which might cause the nuts to go rancid. The […]