Mango & Lime-topped Chocolate Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 16, 2015
All I have of this cake are memories. Memories of the awesomeness this cake was last Easter.  We’d been in Lagos for a long weekend and had spent time at Eko Hotel. One morning at breakfast, my daughter showed me this.  Gorgeous, right? We thought so too. It wasn’t long before we were home and […]

Lime Fever: 30 Things to do with Limes

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 30, 2014
mswanawana wrote on Instagram: ‘Its official. You are obsessed with limes. Get on with the lime and lemon grass cordial’ Limes. Zip. Zing. Zest. Great with sweet – mangoes, ripe plantains, pawpaw, perfect with spice, like cardamom; herbs like mint and tang, like yogurt. Pushed and prodded by Miss Wana Wana on Instagram, I decided to […]