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Passion Fruit: The Fruit, The Whole Fruit & Nothing But The Fruit

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 1, 2017
I love passion fruit with all my heart and soul and was thrilled to discover a few years ago that it grew in Nigeria. Seasonal, I get mine from Vegetable Express who work with farms and farmers in the north of Nigeria. Nigerian Seasonal Produce Calendar – fruits and vegetables in season  Because I order […]

How to: Passion Fruit Juice

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 2, 2016
Travel. Broadens the mind. Teaches you so much that you might not have known. That’s the story of my learning to make good and proper passion fruit juice, all thanks to Nairobi. Read: Favourite Drinks in Nai I’ve been a passion fruit lover since forever. It grows in Nigeria, is nutritious and delicious. At the […]

Ideas in Puff Puff: Easy Twists

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 10, 2016
I love Puff Puff and trying out new versions is what I love to do – not to say how easy it is to actually do.  Some ways Make a new base for the batter So instead of making your puff puff batter solely out of flour, you can add fruit or vegetable purees, like […]

Friday Cocktails: Shandies that Wow – Passion Fruit, Tamarind, Pitanga & Guava

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 7, 2016
So, we must see this Shandy obsession to the end…here are 4 more ideas to wow you: Tamarind, Pitanga Cherry, Passion fruit and Guava, All four of them can be made to taste: How to make syrups Tamarind syrup: I combined semi-dried sour tamarind – common in the north of Nigeria with sugar and water. […]

Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Cocktail

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 4, 2015
Because it was Sunday night and I had: Cucumbers Passion fruit Sugar cane Zobo-ginger vodka mix that had been ‘chilling’ Every thing went in the blender, with some sugar. A strain later and it was ready for lime juice over ice. The son insisted I served them with umbrellas. Why not? It certainly brought tropical sunshine and warmth on a […]

Passion Fruit-Cucumber-Sugarcane-Lime Cocktail

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 28, 2015
Passion Fruit – beauty and fragrance invoked here. And long overdue this is. I must confess it has all my favourite juices in a glass:  the floral acidity of passion fruit the clean refreshment of cucumber juice the sweet of sugar cane and the citrus burst from lime juice. Did I mention the lightness of […]

Mango & Passion Fruit Eton Mess

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 27, 2015
Layers. Last of the season’s mangoes. Fruit. Cream. Whipped gently with sugar. Meringues. Fruit puree. Lime. Done. Got that?

Mango & Passion Fruit Swirls in Vanilla Ice Cream

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 21, 2015
Flavour prints and profiles and stamps. Ice Cream for breakfast. Anyone? I have no issues exploring them over and over and over again. Each new canvas throws up nuances, subtle differences till we ‘appropriate’ all the deliciousness. This is the case with myself, mangoes and passion fruit. My daughter had been bugging me to make […]

Stuffed Puff-Puff: With Mango, Passionfruit & Lime Cream

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 28, 2015
I just had to.  No one forced me. I wanted to. This was so delicious. My puff-puff game, so strong. I honestly think this was the best batch of puff-puff I’ve ever made. Not to light, not too heavy. Elasticity on point yielding soft, chewy puffs. Stuffed with mango-passion fruit cream, that cream of heaven, […]