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Soundbites | Dog meat: Specialty Eats in Nigeria

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 11, 2017
I have the most random conversations with friends and strangers and I kick myself sometimes because I wish I could record it all and share. Why? Well, I find my thoughts challenged, my perspectives stretched. I learn and see people in ways I might not have prior. Like this conversation around dog meat which occurred […]

Opinion: I Do Not Like Jollof Rice

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 16, 2017
So, it shocks me – I’m not sure why – to see people completely immune to the wonders of Jollof Rice. First there was Amanda proclaiming Rice and Stew as King and now, Munachim. Any sort of exploration brings you face to face with alignment and misalignment and when I find thought leaders in this […]

Ideas in Pomo And How to Develop/ Extend Ideas

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 15, 2017
Two ideas:  One – PomoDodo. And a lesson on how to develop/ extend Ideas. I tell people that one angle to developing ideas is taking an idea and varying one element. To do this, you must understand the idea…and the implications of varying elements Case in point -giz dodo. A simple combination of fried plantains, meat and a […]

Six (6) Ways to Grow Food Tourism in Nigeria

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 8, 2017
‘We need to diversify the Nigerian economy’, our Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment, Mr. Okechukwu Enelamah says in many places – on CNN, at global meetings, etc: “Necessity is the mother of invention,” he says. “Given the very negative consequences of the drop in oil and commodity prices…we must make good on our commitment to diversify […]

On Kilishi: With Tigernuts & With Peanuts

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 4, 2017
‘Kilishi’ is a northern Nigerian nut-seasoned sun-dried meat snack similar to beef jerky. It generally refers to beef, sheep or goat meat processed by dressing, slicing, sun drying, application of some slurry of spices and roasting over coals/ fire. Birthplace Kano city it seems but of course also found in other northern states and places.  History […]

Nigerian ‘Concept’ Dish: Dry Fish Skin & Yam Cannelloni with Peppersoup Consomme

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 31, 2017
The Concept This concept is all about reinventing peppersoup – taking it from warm and comforting to refined and clean. It’s about combining the popular sides of yam in this spicy broth with flaked fish and using the skin of the dried fish as a vehicle for flavour and texture in a cannelloni. How to make […]

The Soup(s) Called Federal Character

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 30, 2016
Four soups, One bowl, Supreme mash up = Federal Character. The first time M said ‘Federal Character’ I was behind my desk at work and I went ‘What? Why? How?’ He proceeded to talk about how the major tribes were represented, in the bowl – a new dimension to Geneen Roth and her belief – mine too, […]

Warm Acha Salad With Yaji-Covered Softboiled Egg

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 10, 2016
Cooking the Acha was easier than I thought and damn tasty too. My plan was to make a couscouseque warm salad with fruits and nuts and lots of colourful vegetables. To serve, here are two options Option 1, with a soft-boiled egg With soft boiled eggs: spoon fonio into a bowl (with some zobo-pepper sauce) […]

Amala & Ewedu at Nike Art Gallery

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 28, 2015
Now I know that my mum said ‘Never take food from strangers’ and all but when Nike offers you lunch, you sit down and eat. Don’t you? You don’t disobey your mother but you thank her silently for raising you well. For giving you the ability to make wise judgments – teaching you to know what to do […]