Mango & Coconut Custard with Lime Marmalade Puff-Puff

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 20, 2015
Cravings don’t come much stronger than this. Think checking every store you know on Lagos Island, rejecting other brands – Domo, and all the others that aren’t Bird’s. I find it at a supermarket called ‘Supamarket’ on Gerrard road, where I also meet the actor, Olu Jacobs and take a selfie with him.  I am […]

Mango & Lime-topped Chocolate Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 16, 2015
All I have of this cake are memories. Memories of the awesomeness this cake was last Easter.  We’d been in Lagos for a long weekend and had spent time at Eko Hotel. One morning at breakfast, my daughter showed me this.  Gorgeous, right? We thought so too. It wasn’t long before we were home and […]

Mango Salsa: A Quick & Easy Recipe Guide

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 13, 2014
Salsa, of a rhythmic Latin American dance. And of a sauce. A condiment with names, types, characters varied. From Roja, of red to verde, of green. With sweetcorn, onions, carrots, pineapples and mangoes – each starring as the main ingredient. Even with citrus too. This salsa I present to you is of mangoes.

Nigerian Desserts: Mangoes & Lime with Cardamom Yogurt

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 6, 2014
As much as I love lemons, they have nothing on limes. Even Meyers. I’m sorry. So sorry. Limes transport me to a place. Sharp. Vibrant. Fragrant. All at once. Yes, harsh but with the feeling and willingness to be tempered. I think one of the most sacred combinations of fruit and citrus lies in Mangoes […]