Grown in Nigeria – Passion Fruit

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 20, 2015
I. Love. Passion fruit. The fact that we’re growing it in Nigeria. And the fact that I could make food gradients out of them :). They come from Jos, via a company called Veg Express. They deliver to some major cities – Lagos is one of them. At under a N1000 a kilo, it beats every deal […]

Video: My Favourite Aga Concept Omorogun & Tricky Corners

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 13, 2015
I have OCD. Without shame. Some things irk me, like unmixed chunks of flour in dough mixes. Sometimes, it is my fault – the wrong bowl, wrong spoon, wrong time. In spite of these, when the stars align, I’m in heaven. Some of my favourite things are square quart storage/ mixing bowls. They remind me […]

Aga Living – Home & Kitchen

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 26, 2015
There are so many things I love about the aga brand®, the makers of beautiful home and kitchen utensils. The focus on fully functional pieces, beautifully designed with quirk makes them one of my favourites. As a brand ambassador for aga, it is my pleasure to introduce to some of their products. The aga brand® […]

Proudly Naija: ‘Calabar’ Abacha

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 13, 2015
We aren’t doing too badly in Naija. Lots of things are being processed and packaged, and sold in stores. You can find locally canned palm nut sauce for banga soup, spice blends in bottles and jars, hibiscus leaves in packs. That soothes my soul. I’m particularly glad to find Abacha – shredded and dehydrated. Perfect […]

November 2012: ‘Made in Nigeria’ – In My Kitchen

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 5, 2012
This post is inspired by Celia (of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial) who does a monthly feature called ‘In My Kitchen’. Join the fun! Click on the link to visit Celia’s blog: Fig Jam and Lime Cordial ——♥♥♥—— Proudly ‘Made in Nigeria’. Like my 5-year old son who was ‘Made in Nigeria, Born in Holland’! […]