Happy St Patrick’s Day

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 17, 2016
Cook up a range of treats, from a Guinness caramel to some ‘green sauce’. And hope you find the 4-leaf clover 🙂 Recipes Guinness Caramel Sauce Guinness Clover Rolls Chocolate Guinness Cake Fish & Scent leaf blinis Green chili bagels Palmwine with Guinness Arancini What are you doing today?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Happy St Patrick’s Day – – – […]

Friday Cocktails: Palmwine with Guinness

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 20, 2015
I’m all for cocktails. Even with Guinness. It isn’t as though I’m exactly past my Guinness and Coke days of young, this just called out to me even if in my head, I wasn’t hopeful. I mean how can more sour than sweet and bitter make a delightful union? Palm wine. From Raffia palms. Guinness. […]

Baking with Guinness: Four-Leaf Clover Rolls

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 17, 2013
If four-leaf clovers are the plants of luck Then four-leaf clover rolls are the breads of good fortune   Full of Guinness goodness, and the nuttiness of dark rye Sweetened with maple, brown sugar Softened with milk and eggs   These are the perfect celebration of Paddy  (Paddy, a word in Nigeria which means friend) […]

The Preview to St Patrick’s Day: Guinness Caramel Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 16, 2013
Guinness on my mind. For I am seeking ‘things I have in common with….’ The Irish. You know, in honour of Paddy. And his day. And one of those things would be Guinness. (PS: Dark chocolate and coffee lovers will adore this sauce. More on that later) And Nigeria would be the first country outside […]