Sunday Lunch: Okwuru Ugba (Ugba-Okro Soup)

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 4, 2015
I first read about Okwuru Ugba – a soup of okro and ugba in a newspaper – The Sun, to be specific. The story went off on so many tangents, I quietly noted the name of the soup (which wasn’t consistent – sometimes Okwuru Ugba, other times Ukwuru Ugba), gently folded it and left. So rather than […]

Ofada – Ugba Palm Oil Jollof

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 23, 2015
The things you learn when finally, you decide on going down a certain path. About that rice That yes, you know Ofada rice is fermented as part of its processing, as part of what makes it highly sought after but you do not think it stinks to the high heavens. You did not know that it […]

7 Things You Need To Know About Ofada Rice

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 22, 2015
1. The grains are striped with burgundy. 2. It is the blanket name for almost all locally produced rice. I think it needs ‘Protected Designation of Origin‘ status, so that only rice from Ofada, or processed the way it is, is called by that name. And yes, we might need a whole legal construct around […]

The Benefits of Fermented Seeds – Une, Iru, Ogiri

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 16, 2015
Fermented foods have been part of global cuisines for many centuries when people fermented seeds and nuts by lacto-fermentation where lactic acid- a natural preservative worked to limit the effects of putrefying bacteria.  Fermentation — an ancient technique that’s making a comeback — is a process that preserves food and infuses some edibles with gut-friendly […]