Video: My Favourite Aga Concept Omorogun & Tricky Corners

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 13, 2015
I have OCD. Without shame. Some things irk me, like unmixed chunks of flour in dough mixes. Sometimes, it is my fault – the wrong bowl, wrong spoon, wrong time. In spite of these, when the stars align, I’m in heaven. Some of my favourite things are square quart storage/ mixing bowls. They remind me […]

Aga Living – Home & Kitchen

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 26, 2015
There are so many things I love about the aga brand®, the makers of beautiful home and kitchen utensils. The focus on fully functional pieces, beautifully designed with quirk makes them one of my favourites. As a brand ambassador for aga, it is my pleasure to introduce to some of their products. The aga brand® […]

The Legend of Blue Willow

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 19, 2015
The first time I saw the plates after decades was at a furniture showroom, off Rumuola road, Port Harcourt. The year was 2012. I lost no time in purchasing two sets for a princely sum of…I can’t remember. The traditional willow design always features a large beautiful Chinese home with willow tree, small bridge with […]

Technique: How to Juice a Lime

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 19, 2014
To juice a lime…with ease, you’ll need the greenest, smoothest-skinned, most fragrant limes. Ever. Well…..even yellowing, gnarled limes would work. Moving on. You’ll need a sharp knife and thus your wits about you. And a beautiful handheld citrus press, or you could be here all night. Don’t forget you’ll need a cup too, a receptacle to […]

Weekend Wonders: Whisks Allsorts

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 8, 2013
Or Whisk Away. I love whisks. Of every kind. I have a collection too. I love to collect. Ideas, thoughts, beautiful things. Functional things too. Things with form and beauty. I bookmark a thousand things a day. Write a thousand collections in my notebook. Make a million plans. I’m happy. My current collections are varied. […]

The great knife debate

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 7, 2009
If I ever say blogging hasn’t done anything for me…. don’t you believe me….please. I can write a very long list about the perks: It has given me a new lease on life Many new friends And a very interesting knife!