Very Lemony Stew of Chicken With Fresh Dates

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 17, 2015
Here, fresh dates edify the palate in a chicken stew. Thankfully. So one evening, I was making a stew in my best cast iron pot from South Africa – my Bush Baby. As I often do, I looked through the fridge to see what could go in, in a kitchen-sink kind of way…and saw the […]

In Season: Fresh Dates

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 17, 2015
My first taste of fresh dates left the taste of disappointment heavy on my tongue, my lips. It was the first time I’d tried them. Seen them close-up, so when I saw them on an enamel tray in Lagos traffic, I ‘dived’ for a bag. At N200. These fresh dates were yellow with light brown freckles, […]

Date Caramel, Three Ways

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 17, 2015
Last year, I discovered date caramel/ toffee thanks to santifood co. It quickly became my everything – spoonfuls in tea, spread on bread, with yogurt and on and on. This discovery led me to make a spiced version that’s amazing – sweet, fragrant and full of flavour. Like chai tea? Look no further. Like sweet […]