Nigerian Chicken Curry

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 6, 2016
My Aunt would make this when we visited them in Benin – potatoes, chicken, boiled eggs, curry powder, carrots and always green peppers. I’ve learnt well and make this often. My children LOVE it, as do I for a quick, easy and good-looking chicken-in-sauce- dish. I like to think of Sunday afternoons as the perfect […]

Blue Plate Special: Fried Catfish & Olive Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 21, 2013
I met Chris at work, shortly after we moved back to Nigeria in 2011.  He had come to Port Harcourt from Lagos, where he worked to give a lecture to our team. We introduced ourselves, and  once we’d figured out our origins, I quizzed him about Pierogis for he is Polish, and he asked me about […]